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January 19, 2022

Love Austin Music: Lord Friday the 13th

The celebration of Love Austin Music Month continues on the Austin Music Minute with some crazy cool trash-glam punk by a band your AMM host has been raving about – so much so that some of those raves are on a t-shirt – Lord Friday the 13th. The sibs Lenz, Felix on vocals and Sloan […]


January 18, 2022

Love Austin Music: Carrie Fussell

Love Austin Music Month continues through January, reminding you to support your favorite Austin music artists. And today’s Austin Music Minute presents a show pick featuring three ATX favorites taking over the room every Wednesday night at The Continental Club: William Harries Graham, Jon Dee Graham and Calliope Musicals‘ songwriter/vocalist Carrie Fussell. Catch the next […]


January 17, 2022

Love Austin Music: Soul Man Sam

Love Austin Music Month, presented by KUTX, the City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division, and the Austin Music Foundation, is a month-long celebration of the many ways you can support your favorite Austin music artists. On today’s AMM, the spotlight is on a Memphis-born blues artist who’s made Austin his home since 2011, and […]


January 15, 2022

Love Austin Music: CAPYAC Bug Prom

Photography by Drew Longworth. Though they’re making music in LA these days, CAPYAC did get their start in Austin. So, in celebration of Love Austin Music Month, the AMM recommends the CAPYAC Bug Prom, happening tonight, Saturday Jan. 15 at The Belmont, 305 W. 6th St. Yes, it’s a Bug Prom, or bug-themed winter formal […]


January 14, 2022

Love Austin Music: Upcoming Saturday Shows

The struggle is real, music lover. Decisions! In celebration of Love Austin Music Month, today’s AMM offers three show selections for tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 15: Paige Renée Berry-led dream folk outfit Half Dream shares a bill with Jolie Cota Flink‘s crew of badasses Mean Jolene at Radio Coffee and Beer. Unfortunately, today’s AMM-featured funk/soul warriors […]


January 13, 2022

Love Austin Music: KVN, Jake Lloyd & San Gabriel

One of the ways the Austin Music Minute celebrates Love Austin Music Month is by putting the spotlight on shows with all local artists – happening on any given night, which makes it so hard to choose, but what a great problem to have! Today’s AMM pick is a show tonight, Thursday Jan. 13, at […]



It’s like a marker for your day. When you hear, “It’s time for the Austin Music Minute …” you’ll hear about music artists you need to keep on your radar. Though Laurie Gallardo has been the voice of the AMM for several years, she inherited the short music feature from longtime radio host Teresa Ferguson. It was Teresa who encouraged Laurie to mix it up – make it about local artists’ shows at much-loved Austin venues, as well as touring music acts from all parts of the world. The AMM gets you information about the show – who, what, when and where – and includes a quick preview of the featured artist’s latest music that will hopefully inspire you to check out more. And here’s an important behind-the-scenes detail: Laurie Gallardo not only puts her voice on the Austin Music Minute, she is the editor and producer. She records, edits and puts the finishing touches on the AMM’s you’ve come to rely on.

Laurie Gallardo

Laurie Gallardo is an afternoon show host and producer on KUTX 98.9, making the rounds on the airwaves 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. She’s committed to creating the soundtrack for your afternoon, and to keeping folks posted on shows happening around town with the Austin Music Minute, a short feature heard throughout the day on KUTX spotlighting local and touring music artists.

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