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December 8, 2022


Heads up on an early show happening this evening at Hotel San Jose, 1316 S. Congress Ave. It’s our KUTX February Artist of the Month from this year, Chief Cleopatra! Songwriter and vocalist Jalesa Jessie and guitarist Buddy Lenny will present a stripped-down version of Chief Cleopatra at an early performance tonight, starting at 5:30 […]


December 7, 2022

Lost Behind The Clouds

This week, Austin pysch-pop rockers Bali Yaaah debut their first full-length release, Lost Behind The Clouds. Though this time, those swirling cosmic Brit-psych and post-punk vibes hit close to home amidst dreams of…breaking out of lockdown and maybe flying off to the beach? Hell yes. At the time of production, the notion of lockdown was […]


December 6, 2022

Speaker Bump Special

It’s the Speaker Bump Social, though leave it to your AMM host to keep referring to tonight‘s line-up at Hole In the Wall as the “Speaker Bump Special.” But it is special! Don’t forget to get your hands on Ben Buck’s B Sides remix compilation, put together by the ATX-based rapper/beatbox himself. From traditional to […]


December 6, 2022

The Lonesome Crowded West

Hardcore Modest Mouse fans, you might roll your eyes but please bear with your AMM host. It’s the truth: There’s catchy, and then there’s the way Modest Mouse does it. Like those first riffs of “Float On” from Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004), all the way on up to the banger […]


December 3, 2022

It’s Time

“Don’t let me go / I’m not prepared / I’m so damn scared / that I’m almost there.” The photo above was taken by David Brendan Hall. It captures the essence of a Quiet Company show. Taylor Muse leaves his body and something else takes over. The QC fans have always been there for it. […]


December 2, 2022

Ramble On

Giving credit where credit is due. Many thanks to songwriter and musician Beth Chrisman for the (official) introduction to The Carper Family, back in the day. Your AMM host was quite taken by those superb three-part harmonies so beautifully delivered by Chrisman, Jenni Miori-Hodges and Melissa Carper. Only one Carper in this acoustic trio, mind […]



It’s like a marker for your day. When you hear, “It’s time for the Austin Music Minute …” you’ll hear about music artists you need to keep on your radar. Though Laurie Gallardo has been the voice of the AMM for several years, she inherited the short music feature from longtime radio host Teresa Ferguson. It was Teresa who encouraged Laurie to mix it up – make it about local artists’ shows at much-loved Austin venues, as well as touring music acts from all parts of the world. The AMM gets you information about the show – who, what, when and where – and includes a quick preview of the featured artist’s latest music that will hopefully inspire you to check out more. And here’s an important behind-the-scenes detail: Laurie Gallardo not only puts her voice on the Austin Music Minute, she is the editor and producer. She records, edits and puts the finishing touches on the AMM’s you’ve come to rely on.

Laurie Gallardo

Laurie Gallardo is an afternoon show host and producer on KUTX 98.9, making the rounds on the airwaves 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. She’s committed to creating the soundtrack for your afternoon, and to keeping folks posted on shows happening around town with the Austin Music Minute, a short feature heard throughout the day on KUTX spotlighting local and touring music artists.

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