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April 22, 2024

How Important is Weed to Rap?

By: Jack Anderson

Over the 4/20 weekend Confucius and Fresh hash out marijuana’s impact on hip-hop, the latest shots against Drake, and why the OGs aren’t always right. Hear that along with Hip-Hop Facts and Confucius’ take on the latest headlines.

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Fresh Knight I’m Fresh and you are now listening to the Breaks podcast. These are highlights from our Saturday night hip-hop show on KUTX 98.9 in Austin, Texas. My co-host Confucius Jones and I are native Austinites and we love  talking to hip-hop, Texas hip-hop, hip-hop history, and what’s going on right now. And just so  you know, the opinions expressed in the podcast are our own and do not necessarily reflect the position of KUTX  in Austin, Texas.

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Confucius Jones It is 420.

Fresh Knight It is 420.

Confucius Jones Some people treat this like Martin Luther King Day, whatever reason, but it is a day that most celebrate in terms of smoking herbal refreshments. I like the way you said that. There you go. I don’t really partake in it.

Fresh Knight It’s not my vice.

Confucius Jones  Yeah, definitely not my vice. But weed culture has been very prevalent throughout hip hop for a long time. So my question to you is how important do you think weed culture is to rap.

Fresh Knight I don’t think it’s as important as people may think. I don’t think like.

Confucius Jones Yeah, a lot of rappers you would think would with smoke don’t like 50% doesn’t smoke straight through dense smoke.

Fresh Knight You know, like in the. I mean, I’ve heard him talk about it, but I don’t know that he really does.

Confucius Jones Yeah, I see them talking about it and doing convincing that whole song all the time. And he doesn’t smoke.

Fresh Knight Yeah. So, like, I think J.Cole got one of the one of them songs on one of those revenge of the dreamers mixtapes where like, it’s supposed to be like a circle of them smoking in. And I just like I don’t I don’t I don’t know that he does. Why is he on this song?

Confucius Jones But yeah. Do you think it’s important to the culture?

Fresh Knight I don’t think like I said, I don’t think it’s as important. As people think it is. Like if no rapper talked about it, I don’t think anybody would like feel away or feel like feel left out.

Confucius Jones I think it’s importance to it. It’s kind of like surface level. That is not because I know a lot of the pioneers of hip hop smoked, but they really put in their music like that. It was just me. But I think once you get to the chronic is when now. And suddenly you get the chronic, you get Cypress Hill, you get ghetto boys down here, you get all these different artists who start openly talking about it, and then you yourself be able to both going to go down.

Fresh Knight On a hoodie, Mac.

Confucius Jones And hoodie. Mac.

Fresh Knight You Wu-Tang. Oh yeah, my old man. And apparently I once heard that myth. It was a it was what they call marijuana. It was upon a time, which I don’t know if that’s really true, but they were method man was has been very prevalent about.

Confucius Jones Well, yeah. He has.

Fresh Knight His indulgence in him and Ray maybe.

Confucius Jones Red.

Fresh Knight Man got a whole movie about.

Confucius Jones It. Yeah, I know, so I can’t say that it’s important to the culture, but I do think it was definitely if you want to go down the rabbit hole of the important tenets of hip hop, whether be breakdancing, deejaying, emceeing, I think the smoking in there probably secret fourth.

Fresh Knight Yeah, I would say a long form of like, it’s a pillar of jazz.

Confucius Jones Yeah.

Fresh Knight I don’t know. That is just all important. I will say, like you say, once you get into what they like, the 90s.

Confucius Jones Yeah.

Fresh Knight It becomes more prevalent in music. And I think that has helped it become more normalized. I think rap helped it kind of seep more into pop culture. Granted, you already had movies like Cheech and Chong and Dazed and Confused, but I think rap helped to become like it was a thing that, like, everybody enjoys.

Confucius Jones It helped kind of create the rock star lifestyle image of rap as well, because writing rap before, you know, rock was the dominant genre and that was synonymous with like hard drugs or heavy drug and partying. So I think the weed culture helped make rap look more cooler, especially to like suburban white key, like, oh, look at them do the smoking the marijuana in your drinking. It looks so cool. I don’t think it’s like necessary. So much like it was back then, because I think people also just started really talking about it more because of the chronic. I’m not saying they weren’t talking about it before, but really just like shot it to the day, like now it’s really cool. We can start putting, you know, the logos on them.

Fresh Knight Yeah, I think The Chronic made it just cool to talk about like, yeah, I smoked Snoop smoke, Dre smoke I smoke. I mean.

Confucius Jones You know what this look like even like you said with like Wu-Tang Method Man, the song is more like coding Hollywood. Just straight up saying like, no, we’re smoking. Yeah.

Fresh Knight Straight smoking. This is what we smoke and this is what we are smoking on. And I think it made it a lot more acceptable and cooler for people just to say, I well, I’m gonna talk about it today talking about it. And you know why they had no issue with what they were saying? Because now you think now that I sit here and think about it, that was not the prevailing issue of that album.

Confucius Jones Did Lois Tucker had an issue with it? What do you think of smoking? What is the first album ever song that comes to mind?

Fresh Knight Man, the first album or song?

Confucius Jones I can say mine. What do you think of yours?

Fresh Knight Go ahead.

Confucius Jones Devin the dude. Just trying to leave. Mainly because I haven’t done the field research on it. The great album. It’s still a great album.

Fresh Knight For some reason, Cypress Hill comes to mind.

Confucius Jones Just the oddest, album or song.

Fresh Knight I can’t tell you the name of the song. I could.

Confucius Jones Just kill a.

Fresh Knight Man. Not that one, but they have a whole song about. Yeah, several whole songs about smoking weed. I think the, for some reason, I cannot see.

Confucius Jones I thought you’d say, like, doggy style.

Fresh Knight I don’t want to be too cliche and say, like, the chronic pops into my head. I mean.

Confucius Jones That’s a fair.

Fresh Knight One. But because album like, when I looked at the show.

Confucius Jones Notes, you said, who do you make out of left in your life?

Fresh Knight I never would have been lying.

Confucius Jones To anybody listening who did back.

Fresh Knight I never would have been lying. I definitely would have been lying. No. Cause, like, even when I looked at the show notes, I immediately thought, all right, we’re going to need, like, a weed smoking song or artists that are known for this. In my mind, I immediately went to Dre and Snoop.

Confucius Jones I mean.

Fresh Knight They’re the my my immediately went.

Confucius Jones To shoot.

Fresh Knight And was like, yo, we need we need a Snoop song.

Confucius Jones The next episode, the song is a Great Smoking record.

Fresh Knight It is.

Confucius Jones It is like just that dude magic. Just pillars of.

Fresh Knight Smoke. And with Nate. No. And it was like the tour de they went on with that album was Up in Smoke.

Confucius Jones Up in Smoke as a DVD.

Fresh Knight Great, great DVD great. My cousin Audrey had shout out to RG Massey.

Deezie Brown RG.

Fresh Knight Exposes to a lot that we probably shouldn’t have been exposed.

Confucius Jones All of his out of the duct tape CPS case as well.

Deezie Brown Oh yeah yeah yeah. You didn’t.

Fresh Knight Or you didn’t have kids or you didn’t have.

Deezie Brown Kids or she watching y’all.

Fresh Knight No, I was I watching I’ll.

Confucius Jones Just completely go up this upper.

Deezie Brown Level. Is there a lot.

Confucius Jones Going on that even up the Up Smoke DVD is like the counter backstage DVD backstage. It was in this, you know, dudes up in smoke was just.

Fresh Knight It was everything you could think about that those gentlemen would be doing. They did.

Confucius Jones It. You could be. You could buy that DVD at a music store. You could buy it at the store. But.

Deezie Brown Yeah, yeah.

Fresh Knight Yeah.

Confucius Jones Yeah, yeah, I think, I think I think more like a currency.

Fresh Knight I think I definitely think of currency. I definitely.

Confucius Jones Think of with.

Fresh Knight Smoked is a name.

Confucius Jones It is in the name that actually don’t mean anything. No big deal.

Fresh Knight Very true, very true.

Confucius Jones None of the big three do it. I mean, like, talk about it like the Drake. Cole.

Fresh Knight Yeah, I think a schoolboy schoolboy. Mac Miller.

Confucius Jones Mac Miller early. Mac Miller.

Fresh Knight Very early and very early.

Confucius Jones But like I said, I don’t think we go to like super import. I just I hate sometimes though, I feel like newer rappers feel like they have to like, glorify. I do it more than they normally do to try to, you know.

Fresh Knight Appease to the audience.

Confucius Jones But if you don’t do it, it’s fine. Like nobody, you know?

Fresh Knight Yeah, I don’t think that’s why I don’t think it’s as important. Like if you don’t talk about it or if you don’t do it, I don’t think like it’s this, this issue. Although when I say I don’t do it, people do look at me kind of crazy, like, bro, you don’t smoke? No, that’s not my voice. I probably because I say it’s not my voice. And I don’t think a lot of people know what that means, actually, that.

Confucius Jones I think that, I brought this type of couple of courses for 20 years just because I thought about how much is ingrained into just the culture itself. And it’s like I said, it’s not even so much that you have to do it to be popular, but it is. It’s almost understood that. Partaking in it makes you look cool. Like I said, Felicity has a whole song called High All the Time and he doesn’t smoke, so. But he understood at least that the people that listen to this album.

Fresh Knight They probably smoke.

Confucius Jones So let me make something for him.

Fresh Knight I get it like you do it to appease to the audience. Like you said, I don’t think it’s super important, but I’d be like I say, rap has helped make it a lot more normal in just everyday culture. Like it’s not as taboo as it was before or taboo at all. And when you get into rap, I think some rappers do feel like, well, I got to kind of talk about it or I have to kind of do it, you know? But I mean, if you do, you do it. You don’t, you don’t. I don’t think it really matters. I don’t think, Wayne.

Confucius Jones I will say Wayne in his adlib, it’s the lighter flick.

Fresh Knight Yeah. Like you say, I think it’s a pillar. Ajith.

Confucius Jones Yeah, it’s something that’s talked about and embraced. But you don’t have to necessarily do it yourself too.

Fresh Knight But you don’t have to be a very prevalent smoker either. Like you can say you did it once in a song and then like you, good. As long as the song was good. I think people ragweed it takes.

Confucius Jones So yes, this last time we did a show, the Drake Versus Everybody, show is still ongoing, and we hit report live on new details. I don’t have any details, but.

Fresh Knight I mean, a lot happened over the over last weekend.

Confucius Jones Like Drake dropped dropping. Give me.

Fresh Knight 50. Drop me, give me 50.

Confucius Jones Response to Kendrick.

Fresh Knight Rick Ross dropped a champagne.

Confucius Jones Moment.

Fresh Knight For champagne moments. Yeah, yeah.

Confucius Jones You know what I like about Rick Ross? Did songs. He’ll find something to call you and call you that throughout the entirety of the song.

Fresh Knight Entire song.

Confucius Jones And with this and this point with Dre, he called him White boy the entire.

Fresh Knight So I thought it was hilarious.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Fresh Knight I thought it was hilarious.

Confucius Jones Rick Ross was the unforeseen character in this movie.

Fresh Knight I thought it was well.

Confucius Jones Granted when Drake dropped dropping Give Me 5,090% of the song was aimed at Kendrick. We save some balls to the side for Rick Ross. Which what do you say by Rick Ross about.

Fresh Knight Many of you jumping in. Is you almost.

Confucius Jones 50. Yeah. Almost 50.

Fresh Knight Yeah. And I take your your grill and cover up like something.

Confucius Jones Yeah. Because he brought Rick Ross, his girlfriend, to his. What they show. Yeah. To be petty.

Fresh Knight A lot of people got stories in it.

Confucius Jones Yeah. No, this isn’t about the weekend.

Fresh Knight He said something about John Murray.

Deezie Brown And of all people.

Confucius Jones Okay? They he they were dating. Yeah. They. Woman.

Fresh Knight He says I’m about metro.

Confucius Jones There’s still a lot of still five little areas to.

Fresh Knight I’m sorry in the wagering.

Confucius Jones He could.

Fresh Knight Do in the way Drake is being party to a major.

Confucius Jones Drum.

Fresh Knight Scene in a marching band out of, a strip club and having a mariachi band play a satellite is. Look, Drake is a he’s a character, man.

Confucius Jones Drake is petty. But, yeah. So he Drake drop dropping. Give me 50. Rick Ross responded a couple hours after that. Once again, I forgot how petty Rick Ross is. He’d been going around calling Drake Bieber, drifting for the last few days.

Fresh Knight Claim that Drake got a nose job done.

Confucius Jones Like his father, which I don’t like. The person I don’t look like Drake, I don’t know.

Fresh Knight I looked at it, it was like, I think this picture he used is kind of Photoshop, but all right before. And he also claimed that Drake had cosmetic surgery back.

Deezie Brown Back.

Fresh Knight And now he no longer has it. That’s why he’s walking around with like, the the bulletproof vest and, motocross gear on at his show.

Confucius Jones Now, granted, Drake is reactive. I’m not saying that because I am a fan of Drake, but the truth is, at the time people say little things to him. Now, I’m not saying that Drake’s not doing stuff behind the scenes or hasn’t done loosely disses himself, but when Drake starts getting into his, you know, name calling thing, somebody said something.

Fresh Knight Yeah, he’s very, very he goes on the defensive when somebody aims something straight at him.

Confucius Jones And it didn’t help that the number one song in the country for three weeks straight is like that song that Kendrick is dissing Drake on. Fun fact the last time a rap song last that long at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 was got played by Drake in. 2018.

Fresh Knight The universe has a sense.

Confucius Jones Of humor, severe humor. So why is everybody coming to Drake?

Fresh Knight Good question.

Deezie Brown Man.

Fresh Knight Good question.

Confucius Jones That’s everybody coming at the kid from Toronto.

Fresh Knight If the rumor is to be true that he has some type of stake in these artists is music.

Confucius Jones That’s I thought that that was debunked. Then he’s got a community, no doubt, at this point.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Fresh Knight See, I ain’t.

Confucius Jones Got no return of Michael Jackson with Sony. We’re not doing that.

Fresh Knight I didn’t know that. I didn’t I didn’t see the update on the tweet. But if that’s to be true, the I understand it. But if that’s been debunked with that being debunked, then I just think Drake isn’t as genuine and nice of a guy as he probably portrays himself out to be. And now it’s just all coming out.

Confucius Jones Like I said, I fully believe. Okay. So I think, like we said last week, thing with him and Kendrick is personal but also sport. Yeah, I think it’s personal in the sense where they just wouldn’t speak to each other if they were the same room. But it’s not bad if they start fighting.

Fresh Knight Yeah. I don’t think that’s happening with any of this.

Confucius Jones Yeah. No, I also think that that Pusha T thing really put a chink in Drake’s armor. Granted, it was already kind of late anyway, because Drake didn’t come up like most rap. He did come out of the, you know, the hood or so he, you know, he come from the grant he was on to grants as a kid. So people already kind of what’d you.

Fresh Knight Know, he didn’t come from the bottom but had a song called Started From the Bottom. And yeah, everybody was super critical of that song.

Confucius Jones I still don’t like that.

Fresh Knight So I let’s do it. If we come on.

Confucius Jones If it’s. Well, for the album by itself. So, you know, it’s that chick dumb. But also with the Ross thing, Ross is just, you know, he’s lost his people. Although, like somebody said, he went in there for Meek Mill like that.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Fresh Knight Where was he for meek Hito Meek to give him some space.

Confucius Jones They showed.

Deezie Brown Me.

Fresh Knight So I mean, if I was him, I would just give my dog some space. Like, what.

Confucius Jones If you said up Nikki too? It’s like it’s at all.

Fresh Knight I never trust in Nikki.

Confucius Jones I can’t say she’s got it, man. But the wicked thing is weird, though. They have a weird relationship.

Fresh Knight I was about this. I was going to say. Is it weird? Like, I don’t know what.

Confucius Jones Like, what do you. They’re like, they call each other brothers. And you know, The Weeknd is praising Drake for helping find him. Then the next year, they’re beefing again.

Fresh Knight Very passive aggressive between those two.

Confucius Jones Is all have to do. Who has custody of party like I don’t know.

Deezie Brown What is.

Confucius Jones What is going on.

Fresh Knight Well I say it’s very passive aggressive because like you say, a one year drinking weekend will sing like they’re cool and they seem like they communicate or have talked recently, or take a picture if they see each other out at the same place in Toronto. But like the weekend will have an issue with Party Next Door, who he knows is signed with Drake. And then, like now we’re here and there seems to be tension between them. So it’s like, yo, what? What is going.

Confucius Jones On with you think that my, I would be surprised that that is the wild card, that it is that Drake is has and we can have a hard time get along because the party is fighting. We can’t stand each other.

Deezie Brown I could.

Fresh Knight See that. I could see, I had to see. At this point, I just see them being frenemies like I see them. If I see Drake in the weekend, like if we’re in the same room together and party is not there. Yeah, bro, I’ll talk to you. I’ll talk to you. I will dap it up. We’ll take a picture. We’ll get some drinks together. Cool. If party is there. I’m not saying a word to neither one of your holiday parties.

Confucius Jones Potentially. You know I don’t. We still don’t like each other, right? You just over here gallivanting around town with him.

Deezie Brown Like you.

Confucius Jones We. We don’t like each other. To act stupid. That’s what somebody said. They’ll be doing this on be the best. They don’t know what. This they do. Oh, but no, I wasn’t getting, like we say last week. This is something that Drake has to go against it. Kendrick to me is Drake’s final boss because he there’s not another artist with more impact. There’s not another artist that that shifted the culture in the time that they’ve been out. I can’t think anybody bigger. I know Drake tried in this song, said, you know, scissors bigger than Kendrick. Travis is bigger than Kendrick.

Fresh Knight But 21 is bigger than Kendrick.

Confucius Jones Yeah, but Drake going against him would do. But Kendrick. Yeah. Because Kendrick Scott can get you on hits and on lyricism.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Confucius Jones Like I say you know Travis is up there too. Drake can get past rascally Travis can’t rap.

Fresh Knight Well.

Confucius Jones You know, he just makes, you know, big loud anthems. 21 thing I haven’t neither one of them. What they should be 21. Got he got a club out there and we got bodies. Let us see. Yo! Get you out. Let me get you out of here. I’d like them.

Fresh Knight And I think they urge, I think him in 21 a genuine friend.

Confucius Jones So I just thought him a future. Would you.

Fresh Knight This is very true. This is very true. I guess nobody’s really friends in hip hop. Granted, unless you’re Jake old, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Confucius Jones I do know you tiptoeing around food, rating it really good.

Fresh Knight I know you don’t like Joe Budden, but I can’t agree. I don’t think he really wants to do that with future because I think he still wants to be friends. Future. I think he still wants to be friends with future.

Confucius Jones I think he’s been so mad. Grown man. Say that about me. That’s a nicely worded letter. Let me talk about me like I’m no six year old.

Fresh Knight I think he still wants to make music with him. And oh, I don’t think he really, I don’t I don’t think the issue between him is that serious. I think future is really only. Doing this because of Metro, because Drake and Metro Boomin have an issue. And I think features like, what is my real dog over here? The real homie. So I’m I’m going to stick with him.

Confucius Jones We’ll see. I also think Greg knows who to play with. That’s saying that Drake is scared everybody.

Fresh Knight But you think you Draymond Draymond know who to do all.

Confucius Jones You do you know do the Europeans.

Fresh Knight You do that with raw.

Deezie Brown Disney.

Confucius Jones Makes sounds like Drake is scared of anybody. And I think his crew is pretty tight. But after he knows the certain people you can’t. It’s been a clumsy throwing bottle. The team like Chris Brown is going to get really bad.

Deezie Brown So that.

Fresh Knight Came across my timeline the other day.

Confucius Jones About him throwing bottles.

Fresh Knight And I was like, wait, I’m having to.

Deezie Brown Get.

Confucius Jones The funniest part about the whole thing is that Tony was there, I got it. You don’t Parker, you play for Spurs.

Fresh Knight So this was random.

Confucius Jones Is that what you’re trying to himself? Get a little time on the off season? Is it been a bottle war throwing contest? I don’t like I said. We’ll see. Kendrick has not responded yet.

Fresh Knight I heard a theory. I don’t know how true this is.

Confucius Jones This is Joe Budden theory.

Fresh Knight No no no no no no no. This is this has nothing to do with Joe Budden. I was I checking notifications on TikTok and when as soon as you open app before you pages in. I don’t know who this gentleman was, but what he said.

Confucius Jones This random guy on.

Fresh Knight TikTok, he said he was down with PPG, Lane said he was down with, I don’t know me, he work for if you do street promo, I don’t know. But his theory made sense to me in the sense that I don’t think Kendrick is going to respond as long as Rick Ross is on a hundred and continuously going at Drake at the Kendrick feels like, well, I don’t want to do that and get stepped on by some Nia Ross is say it. Or if Rose decides to put out another album. So I’m gonna let this do what it do. And then then I’m coming because I’m still coming.

Confucius Jones I can see that. I can definitely see that. Also, my theory on that is, is my final point is that he doesn’t have to say anything. The song, that one cuts my response in every way. When this dies down, I’ll say something which?

Fresh Knight Which is? I told somebody on Twitter, they’re like, when you can make a yo, this record, a hit song ain’t. That’s another win. That’s just some that’s even more of a win than just having a regular disregard, because people now have to be force to hear y’all forget that back to back was and Grammy nomination talk.

Confucius Jones Yeah was unbeknownst to Drake. But yeah like I said, it’s the number one song in the country and it’s just a verse on somebody else’s song. So from Kendrick for he’s like.

Fresh Knight And he probably is sitting back like, we’ve been number one for three weeks straight. I don’t really have to say anything. Yeah. He has to continue to hear me speak to him.

Confucius Jones Yeah. He’s basically created by a guy like Drake has been playing catch up to me. My verse is at the top in the most talked about. You have to put out a whole song to try to keep this thing going.

Fresh Knight Yeah, I don’t need the attention. I’m cool. I don’t even have an album coming.

Confucius Jones Exactly. So he’s like, I should go out, but you know.

Fresh Knight Stick around for more after this quick break.

Confucius Jones Hip hop facts, time, facts about the culture and they can be facts minute. When we’ve done facts, hip hop facts, we’ve done R&B facts.

Fresh Knight All culture encompassing.

Confucius Jones You want to go first there. Yeah. Go ahead.

Fresh Knight Yeah I’ll go first. Ray Parker junior, the man who behind the Ghostbusters theme song and major hit.

Confucius Jones Make fun of him. But he wrote and produced that song for his claim.

Fresh Knight He did a lot more than just Ghostbusters two. Exactly. Apparently he has a writing credit on two changes a them strippers. How two Chainz in the song says Mr. Telephone Man. There’s something wrong with my line.

Confucius Jones He produced.

Fresh Knight It. When I dial my baby’s number. I get a click every time. Which, as we know, Mr. Telephone Man has a new edition. Single mom that Ray Parker Jr wrote and produced.

Confucius Jones I thought that was a phrase I love. Corrected. He was there, like manager.

Fresh Knight Or it is that he wrote the song for years before even giving it to New Edition. So yeah, shout out to Ray Parker, junior man.

Confucius Jones He said to Ray Parker. Junior. Yeah. Written by Ray Parker junior. It was originally recorded by Junior Tucker, but yes, I think it was the more prevailing, like 6070s and 80s was somebody who put out a song. Like two years later, somebody would come in to blow up your song. That ain’t good for y’all, start doing it. Because I was like, well, if I do change, go, come on. Like, well, this will all come out like Otis Redding, the Sam Cooke version, like, wait a minute. But. All right. Yesterday was Silk Nights birthday. Yes, yes. You interpret the nine years old controversial figure in hip hop, but you can’t take away from fact historically.

Fresh Knight Yeah, you can’t take his historical place in within hip hop.

Confucius Jones Yeah, exactly. He’s still sitting in a prison cell right now, but hip hop fact for sure. Ignite is that at one point in time, he played for the Los Angeles Rams in 1987 during the players strike because he, didn’t really get drafted. He ended up, you know, practice squads. But he got playing time in 87 with the players. Strike happened, but he only played three games for, you know, getting cut and having to move on but didn’t run at the same time as when he started doing bodyguard work for Bobby Brown, which got him into the music.

Fresh Knight Shout out to Marion show ignite man. He’s a he’s a legend. I’ll give him that. I can’t like I like we say you can’t take away his place within the pantheon of hip hop. Yeah.

Confucius Jones He just, you know unlucky.

Deezie Brown Very unlucky.

Fresh Knight My second fact T.I., the King of the South, self-proclaimed. And the first time he proclaimed it. The song was featured on the shaft soundtrack Two Glock Nines featuring Beanie Sigel. It was very.

Confucius Jones I feel like I’ve heard, but I’ve heard it a long time.

Fresh Knight He proclaimed himself to be the King of the South. So shout out to T. I mean, the only person that challenged that was a little flip. The anybody else really cared?

Confucius Jones Hey, man, you know, it’s interesting how stuff like that starts in the most random places, like the first collaboration with Snoop and Dre is on a movie soundtrack. Deep cover, you know, deep covered it okay, in theaters, but the song is diffused anyway. Also celebrating yesterday was Illmatic.

Fresh Knight Yeah. 30th anniversary.

Confucius Jones Death anniversary, NAS the debut album, some considered one of the greatest albums in hip hop history. Something is the best. Do I think it’s the best album of all time? And hip hop is.

Fresh Knight The greatest hip? I don’t, I don’t because it’s it’s I’ll give it. It’s one of them. But the greatest like now I.

Confucius Jones Don’t know what they’ll do. So the album covers NAS as a child. If you notice it’s kind of tearing it which looking at it you don’t know if that was added for the effect of decay, it was added as genuine. Apparently the terror is genuine. According to law professor, he said, I quote. I remember going to Nisa House and we are chilling. And he’s like, yo, this is the flick I’ma use for the album cover. He had it under a piece of glass, and I guess when he went to grab it, the glass must have stuck right there. And so that’s where the rip came from.

Fresh Knight Got you got.

Deezie Brown You got you got that.

Fresh Knight Interesting fact. Interesting fact. Because to be honest with you, until people pointed out that there was a terror, I didn’t know a thing.

Deezie Brown Because.

Confucius Jones That was already grainy anyway.

Fresh Knight Yeah, I didn’t like I didn’t notice the terror.

Confucius Jones So, I mean, would that would you argue that when started putting your baby picture on the cover album for Grace?

Fresh Knight Because Wu-Tang the.

Deezie Brown Wu-Tang. Are you that fan?

Confucius Jones No, no, not Ghostface and Raekwon. Okay, I get it.

Fresh Knight Yeah, me, Wu-Tang adjacent Ghostface and Raekwon say it’d be.

Deezie Brown A.

Fresh Knight Biggie. Biggie was dragging his these men.

Confucius Jones What’s crazy is that from what I understand, Raekwon and Ghost would even get close with biggie. They just made him a couple titles like, yeah, we got to feed them like, yo, what?

Deezie Brown I think.

Fresh Knight You know, man, I don’t know if you want.

Confucius Jones To close to now. That’s what it was.

Fresh Knight I don’t know if it was the. Well, for the first time, I would like a baby picture. I don’t.

Deezie Brown Think so.

Fresh Knight And he wasn’t really a baby.

Deezie Brown Like six. He had a baby.

Confucius Jones It’s.

Fresh Knight Well, I guess I.

Confucius Jones Guess this is him. Biggie. And then Wayne started it. Wendy Cole has done it called Jacko.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Confucius Jones Was that one with him as a kid? Look at love.

Fresh Knight That. Hey, is that how the child is?

Confucius Jones A lot more.

Fresh Knight Child baby.

Deezie Brown Pictures on the cover?

Confucius Jones Because people do it just that, just to be doing it. There’s a lot more. But I think that was the first one.

Deezie Brown I’ll tell you.

Fresh Knight I’ll give it to NAS. He kicked that trend off. He kicked Adrian off in here. But I can’t name anybody before him. They did it.

Confucius Jones Yeah. Me neither. So that would.

Deezie Brown Be.

Fresh Knight My third and final fact. Sky zoo rabbit out of Brooklyn, New York. I recently found out and I actually saw it as episode two at 19. He was on 106 Parks Freestyle Friday. Oh, yeah. And he said it was just two weeks before GM announced his Rough Rider signing, which I remember the whole video. They came out after you announced. And in hindsight, in retrospect, Skyes was the big artist.

Confucius Jones Oh, God. Yeah. I can’t deal with you.

Deezie Brown That, I don’t know.

Fresh Knight It’s guys who say they still talk to Gene. They have a really good relationship. But he did say about putting him on no album? No.

Confucius Jones I feel like Rough Riders had a reunion concert tour not too long ago and Gene was there.

Fresh Knight I feel like they did too, but I don’t remember if Gene was there or not. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was probably needed to check. I don’t know. I mean, I do not count them in pockets.

Confucius Jones I would say, like, I don’t know what he got going on. My final fact Keeping Up with Illmatic, celebrating one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, NAS recorded New York State of Mind in one take. One of the better songs on the album, of course.

Fresh Knight As he really is rapping.

Confucius Jones And also he was a kid too. He’s like.

Deezie Brown 18. Yeah.

Confucius Jones Yeah. DJ for me, I said, NAS did that in one take. One take. Not so when. Just one take over there. But also MC speak to NAS. It mentioned that his favorite sessions for yo matic with Premier. So I think their rapport kind of helped.

Fresh Knight Make a sort of picture day post then and now on Instagram, and you got people saying they wanted a NAS and Preme album. I wouldn’t be mad at that. And I heard people say, I mean, this happened too late. What? What are you talking about? Y’all wouldn’t. Y’all heard NAS and Preme doing music today. Yeah, I would jump right on it and B, listen to it. Cut that out. Oh, I don’t want to hear that. It’s too late for this now, They making the second Beetlejuice movie? Nothing’s too late.

Confucius Jones Yeah. Facts never die. They make another Beetlejuice.

Fresh Knight Not just too late, man. I want you there.

Confucius Jones Well, yeah, and I said premiere was the best producer he work with. None of them. I heard.

Fresh Knight That.

Confucius Jones Before. He’s saying that basically saying. And he quote that, you know, he went to trial type of sounds, getting the right techniques, whatever took he listen. All my ideas listen. And I listen to his. And it worked smooth. It was like me and him. We just didn’t want to rush into nothing fast. We want to make sure it was just right.

Fresh Knight So shout out to pre man big H-Town.

Confucius Jones Yeah that but that also which is ironically produced song got New York state of mind. I would argue New York State of Mind was the biggest hip hop in New York. Right. Going to tell you about our state of mind came out.

Fresh Knight Yeah, like New York and the like the quote unquote anthem.

Confucius Jones Then I played Dog Brand New York and out there in the park.

Fresh Knight And they weren’t playing Cameron and Jay-Z’s joint. They were not like they did.

Confucius Jones You like that? Maybe, flexes of the world and these.

Deezie Brown I give you.

Fresh Knight I would say the gyro joint New York. Yeah.

Deezie Brown It was pretty. Me, I was pretty, I.

Confucius Jones Guess it was, but it just got it. The momentum got sucked out of 150, started going everybody. He sucked the momentum out of that.

Fresh Knight So he did. He did. I still remember Jadakiss on stage. Camera on stage at the versus saying telling Jadakiss you don’t got a a New York record in it. I don’t want to drop that era.

Confucius Jones I thought about that versus the other day. I said, boy, that, that, that boy.

Fresh Knight People won’t stop sharing.

Confucius Jones I never.

Deezie Brown Thought.

Confucius Jones I never thought in a million years.

Fresh Knight It did not go the way I thought it would go.

Confucius Jones I thought Dipset was gonna pull that.

Fresh Knight I thought I was like, oh, a and they and they in Manhattan, they in the garden. I’m like, oh yeah, they definitely got it. And then they started doing they then they started doing they favorite songs.

Confucius Jones But it’s like they see somebody say, you seen Jimmy Cam together.

Deezie Brown Since.

Fresh Knight You haven’t.

Deezie Brown Really.

Confucius Jones Have unpopular opinion time with fresh himself. Yes.

Fresh Knight So with this whole Kendrick Lamar Drake 20 VH1 thing going on, Drake against the world.

Confucius Jones He said he didn’t say it. What is this, 2031?

Deezie Brown And is this.

Fresh Knight As, Drake against the world versus everybody is confused say earlier it has a a lot of people doing think pieces via Twitter and the internet, which I think is kind of annoying at some time. Some are good takes, some are not an OG in hip hop. Had a take which I don’t know where he got this from, but Chuck D earlier in the week or I think like over the weekend, he tweeted, rap in hip hop didn’t form from this battle culture he formed from party dance culture. The battle culture was a mutation alongside moving the crowd. And AMC Never wanted you to be a wallflower. They wanted movement or the DJ was shut you off. Harlem, Bronx Brooklyn wanted a better time because NYC was delivering B.S. the battle Disney was a site evolution. Tumor started benign, then ignorance made it malignant in the 1990s. Revisionist history on culture too often is measured by scattered exceptions as opposed to the massive documented rule. So my unpopular opinion is today, OGs aren’t always right.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Fresh Knight Because I don’t know what Chuck D is talking about. And I don’t know where he got that. People are saying that hip hop was birthed out of battle rap culture. Who is saying that? And whoever is saying that they are completely wrong. Yes, hip hop stems and it was birthed out of the park jams and the Black parties that were being thrown. Yes, that is where it comes from. But to sit here and say that two emcees going back and forth with each other or battling period does not have or has not had a place in hip hop is entirely wrong. Yes, yes, I know y’all OGs out there and you older hip hip hop heads are going to listen to this or hear me say that and be like, how dare you go against Chuck D? Because that’s how other people are saying.

Confucius Jones I did go get you. What is see, Jesus.

Deezie Brown I was.

Fresh Knight Here because I saw other people say, well, he the OG, so we going to read his word, knowing that because this isn’t right, this is not right, this is wrong. And just because he is Chuck D does not mean he can’t not be wrong. And just because another elder statesman says something does not mean we just have to get in line and follow it. Because yes, battle Batali battle culture has been a part of hip hop. As I replied to him and said, well, has Batali never existed in rap? Like did DJs not battle one another? That emcees not battle one another? Back in the day, we know for a fact B-Boy crews battled each other. It was highly depicted in Breaking and in Beat Street, which I would argue B Street is the better hip hop. Moving in.

Confucius Jones Breaking. He said that I think the last week.

Fresh Knight The bullet was just goofy, like I said. But anyway, that’s beyond a fact. That’s beyond my point. Like, I just looked at that and watched people blindly go with it because it was Chuck D and you just couldn’t go, it’s Chuck D, you just can’t go against what? And where was Chuck D with Ice Cube in common? Where was Chuck D when Ice Cube released No Vaseline? Where was Chuck D when L.L. cool J was going at everybody that he could do.

Confucius Jones The original 20 versus one?

Fresh Knight Like, where was Chuck needed to bring up badly? He had nothing to say in those, I think elder statesman OGs in hip hop. Look at Tupac and Biggie and they take that and run with it. This is why you don’t need to be beefing in rap. This is why we don’t need battling in rap. What? That was its own thing in itself, that got way out of hand that the media continued to perpetuate. And then did it once. Think about what the consequences could be from two individuals surrounded by individuals coming out of certain environments. But that isn’t every beef. Because Chuck didn’t say nothing about Jay-Z and us, he said people when Jay-Z had prodigy up there on this summer jam screen dressed like Michael Jackson and Jay-Z called him a ballerina. He didn’t say a word where it was Chuck needed to say and isn’t. You just don’t just don’t have no place in hip hop. What now? We don’t have a place in hip hop when this has happened. No, Chuck D didn’t battle against anybody. But you can’t say that battling has not been a part of the culture, and it is not good for Coach Batali. And this record is the reason why we have KRS one, because nobody was talking about KRS one before he responded to share with the bridges over nobody. He wasn’t he was not popping like that. And many people have said this. KRS has even said this. So to sit there and say they like yo, we just it just don’t have no play. It was a mutation that started but not. And it became malignant like bro, stop it, stop it man. Stop it. Because any other point in hip hop, you didn’t have any of this negativity to say. And using biggie and two pugs dev as your point of reference of why it should not happen. I just I just don’t agree with. It was a very though with two very tragic deaths, two young gentlemen, Black gentlemen who died way before their time. Biggie was like, what, 24? Yeah, like, come on, man, every rat beef doesn’t go into that. Two MCs going at it because they feel like they both are the best in Drake and Kendrick. Bro. This is not going to end up like that. And if your mind continues to go and think that it is going to end like that, I just think it’s something wrong with you because everything isn’t that serious, man. Like Cole and Kendrick. Was it that series and you people were sitting up saying, well, you know, you can’t you know, you can’t rap beef without being disrespectful. Oh yeah. You can’t because it’s not about that. This isn’t personal. This is Kendrick saying no. Y’all been sitting up there potent. Y’all chest out beating on it and saying it this this big three when I don’t agree with that. It’s just me and Dennis, the rest of y’all. And now you can have Drake saying, but I’m way bigger than you, bro. Like, you could call yourself Prince all you want, but I’m still me and you can’t get past me. And you’re not sitting at this mountaintop like I am.

Confucius Jones You know, you. There’s nobody we, like you said before, there’s Drake and there’s everybody else in terms of numbers.

Fresh Knight Yeah. So this isn’t that, man. This is not going to end up in it. And I just think Chuck D is wrong. Like I don’t know where he got his information from because I haven’t seen anyone say that hip hop was birthed out of battle culture. People have say that battling is a part of the culture. And as I say it, it has been Cole Crow versus the Fantastic Five. That was a battle granite. They made money off of it, which goes in even more into it. It this is all entertainment. All of this is WWE.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Fresh Knight Like Chuck Dean, it had nothing to say about Cameron and Cameron and Jay-Z, which was was some comedy when he had JJ down. But dynamite playing Jay-Z in that video, but like, come on Chuck D, you got to take a step back, man, and look at things in totality. You can’t just use what happened to begin. Tupac as the only reference point for quote unquote rap beef. And before anybody says anything else, you can’t say like, well, look at 50 Cent Giroux. That’s them deepening rap. That’s doomed. Deepening, right? That’s just like. What’s the guy name from Milan? Sonny digital jumped up and with, like, a lot of y’all making me know. Did y’all were there for Jeezy versus Gucci? Once again? That was deepening rap. We here for Drake and Kendrick and Drake and Kendrick and Cole for the raps. That’s not going to end up with consequences like Jeezy and Gucci Mane is just not is not that deep, bruh. So, yeah, that’s my unpopular opinion, man. Oh, just because the OG says something does not automatically make it right, and don’t mean we just have to follow it blindly, man. Because if it’s the blindly in the blind, we end up dead.

Confucius Jones Just falling off a cliff. Yeah. Me? Yeah. I don’t agree with Chuck D on that one either. He is an OG and he’s right about a lot of things, but you never know.

Deezie Brown Yeah.

Fresh Knight Most times I’m with him. But when I saw this, I was like, whoops. Where did you get this from? Who was he talking to?

Confucius Jones Yeah. This is just like I agree with like 100 ever in life. But, so I’m being interviewed by academics.

Fresh Knight Yeah, I know exactly what you type.

Confucius Jones You’re wack. Was basically just that this is just two guys rapping, man.

Fresh Knight It’s not let them rap. If anybody else try to take this outside the rap then and somebody else.

Confucius Jones But right now it’s just rapping. So but yeah good one.

Fresh Knight All right. So let’s get some helpful hints from Confucius. And Confucius reads the news.

Confucius Jones Earlier in the show. You were talking about TikTok, right? Do you know why you can’t go back to that thing about it here? According to The Verge, a bill that could oust TikTok from the United States looked like it could linger for months in the Senate, even after the House overwhelmingly voted to approve it. But a move by House speaker Mike Johnson from Louisiana could change that. An updated version of the bill, which would enforce the ban of TikTok unless it divest from its China based parent company ByteDance, appears in a bill about sanctions on Russia and Iran, a separate bill that would prohibit data brokers from transferring U.S. users information to foreign adversaries is also included as part of a package on foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Gaza. By combining that legislation, it could make the TikTok bill harder for the Senate to ignore. Basically, they’re saying, look, we’ll get rid of this thing at some point. We’ll have to hide it to the.

Fresh Knight One way or another.

Confucius Jones There’s going we’ll have to live with a bill that involves war.

Fresh Knight So look, man, I hope you I got your YouTube up and go. I don’t mean I.

Confucius Jones Have said it. Look, I get the argument for not banning it, but what? Like the article said, their parent company, ByteDance, is based in China, and China could pull those records any time they.

Fresh Knight Want.

Confucius Jones It. A lot of y’all put a lot of information on TikTok. Granted, most of y’all I mean, not that serious, but still.

Fresh Knight Nobody is going to be hurt. But those people who are making most of their money from taking and I’ve.

Confucius Jones Said it before, the United States does espionage on its own, so it’s not like it would have done us.

Fresh Knight So no, no, no, no, we don’t like foreign espionage. Yeah.

Confucius Jones No no no. Yeah. We can watch you I can’t watch. So yeah. But if China has figured out a way to infiltrate American society because of some reels and clips, then, boy. That’s you that will come and.

Fresh Knight I lose mine. I’m not going to cry about it. I’m. I’m not going to cry. But it’s not a big deal to me.

Confucius Jones I would argue, too, that we all have family, that we might not have the best relationship with, people that we might want to fix. Those relationships are just like, no, I don’t even know we have Saint blood. I don’t want anything to do with you. Somebody who can empathize with that right now is Robert F Kennedy Junior. I should say, apparently, this entire Kennedy family is going to endorse President Joe Biden in Philadelphia as a slight to RFK. When you know your family, don’t lie to you.

Fresh Knight Hey, yo.

Deezie Brown It’s so the.

Fresh Knight Kennedy run deep.

Confucius Jones Do they do did a lot of them. And they recently released a family picture not too long ago. And he was not damaged.

Fresh Knight He didn’t get the he didn’t get the invite.

Confucius Jones It says more than 15 members of the storied Kennedy political family will endorse US President Joe Biden at a Philadelphia campaign in rebuke of Robert F Kennedy Jr’s independent bid for office. The event was this past Thursday and yeah.

Fresh Knight Little bit better. Just just drop out, bruh.

Confucius Jones But okay, so he can’t because his campaign manager was caught on tape saying that he’s basically there as a spoiler for Trump trying to pull votes away because they they’re trying to limit Joe Biden’s Electoral College page, which once again, damn, bro, you’re a Kennedy. You don’t have to do this. You do know that, right? I mean, hell, at one point in time, Auto Sports League was in your family and you’re doing this. You have to do this.

Deezie Brown You know, maybe we drew you look like you.

Confucius Jones Like you. You really could have just, like, sat back and been anything else you want to be could there’s mad mediocre Kennedy.

Deezie Brown About to say.

Fresh Knight Like most Kennedy.

Confucius Jones And you just decided to be just you had you just had to be the the joker of the family.

Fresh Knight Didn’t you talk about being the Black sheep?

Confucius Jones That’s what everybody said. He was I this was like, yeah, no, we’re not I don’t I don’t rock with him. I’m like, damn, y’all united in tragedy. They still rock with you. You would take a family back to that much Black. You know what? Whatever issues that we might have personally.

Fresh Knight We set them.

Confucius Jones Aside because we know how short life is. Like, yeah, screw that.

Deezie Brown Back.

Confucius Jones And we will care about that.

Fresh Knight And you’re the man. You’re the vote you Bobby Kennedy son. Brennan. Stop it bro.

Confucius Jones I know, like I really.

Deezie Brown Don’t the second.

Confucius Jones Most famous Kennedy.

Fresh Knight You really don’t have to do this.

Confucius Jones You don’t have to do this. Like you’re just doing it just to do anyway. So Donald Trump is currently in court for one of his many things, as the court for this is for that fraud cases.

Fresh Knight This is the one in New York.

Confucius Jones Yeah. Currently fraud case in New York. One of his arguments for because the judge basically told Trump he has to be at every guest appear at every court hearing. Otherwise he’ll go to jail. And Trump’s arguments that, well, doing that will make him miss his youngest son, Barron’s high school graduation, which at the same time float flew. I feel like there were just like.

Fresh Knight Six adult laureates, going to be.

Confucius Jones Honest with you. That’s because all Trump’s other kids are grown. Michael Cohen of Trump’s former lawyer, was on CNN the other day, and he basically laughed at Trump’s assertion that he was going to miss Barron’s graduation quote. I find it not just comical, right? But I find it insulted. And that’s the big issue. Michael Cohen said, I missed my 25th anniversary of my wife’s 50th birthday because I was in Otisville, in part because of things that I had done at the direction of and for the benefit of Donald Trump. So before I start shedding a tear for him, for Barron, I’m sure Melania is extremely excited. He’s not going to be there. Rest assured, I’m not lose any sleep. Or am I going to share it to you that Trump can go to Baron’s graduation? Also, they dug deep in this research and Trump has never been to any of his kids.

Fresh Knight I was going to ask that has he been to any of, you know.

Confucius Jones Any of.

Fresh Knight Them? He’s just trying to find where he’s.

Confucius Jones Trying to find a way out of.

Deezie Brown It. Yeah, okay.

Confucius Jones You didn’t go to that. What are your kids graduation, bro? You have five children. Don’t try to do the last one. Try to get out of court row at work. I’m telling you how stupid Sopranos.

Deezie Brown I’m like.

Confucius Jones Trump sounds like a deadbeat dad. I got to go back to your graduation, bro. You’re kidding me. Know your.

Deezie Brown Name?

Confucius Jones He graduates kids looking at like, who are you? He seemed like the type.

Fresh Knight You probably not even expecting him to be there.

Confucius Jones That’s one thing I’ll give Trump supporters. That boy, could. They can spend it. I would love for them to try to explain that, you know, you don’t go to college graduations.

Fresh Knight Oh, man.

Confucius Jones Also during Trump’s Manhattan trial, one of the jurors got dismissed because, of course, Jesse Waters on Fox News added her identity and she fears for her life.

Fresh Knight My goodness.

Confucius Jones You would think Fox News would learn from getting sued before that. Leave people alone.

Fresh Knight But I guess they haven’t learned,

Confucius Jones When he went to jump on a train tracks that train to keep running over you. But this past Tuesday, the seven jurors been selected to determine whether Donald Trump should be the first president ever convicted of a crime. But by Thursday morning, there were only six. According to Judge Juan Merchant, the juror was excused after later expressing doubt that she could remain fair and impartial. In particular, she said that friends and family had I reached out to ask if she was serving on the jury. Those calls came after media outlets reported potentially identifying biographical information about the woman, including her job in the neighborhood she called home.

Deezie Brown Oh my goodness.

Confucius Jones Yeah, that sounds like to me what they said. I was saying, Jamie Fox, you know, the uncle, uncle junior. That sounds like a big ass lawsuit, because, boy, they’d get out.

Fresh Knight I definitely be suing.

Confucius Jones Chateau for, you know, being honest, saying I can’t be impartial because I’m getting death threats because of this. Because I said, you know what? You sure I’m different this year? Now, this one ain’t no he could do to not that be guilty. You damn right I’m saying. I would have said nothing. I just said right there.

Fresh Knight Yes, you’re right. I’m definitely suing. I’m definitely suing Fox. I’m definitely suing. You better get.

Confucius Jones Out of trouble and go kill you. Watch this.

Fresh Knight Yeah. Let the. Yeah. Let my job address out in my neighborhood, bro.

Confucius Jones Come on, man, come on.

Fresh Knight I walk outside, somebody’s throwing some at me. I’m getting off work.

Confucius Jones We all go back. I’m going to be cool again. I’m being in for murder. But we better go.

Deezie Brown Everybody out.

Confucius Jones So. Yeah. The goat man.

Fresh Knight It sounded like it looking.

Confucius Jones I’m not. You know, I’m sure there’s people that listen to the breaks that are supporters of Trump and. I’m not trying to say that your undisputed leader is weird and when wonky. I’m just saying some of this stuff didn’t make any damn sense to me when you know that I was doing it for bad, right? Like, I know nobody. Nobody’s doing everybody. No, nobody’s mixing and death threats because of. Well, you know what? Not really death threats, but I’m not gonna say anything.

Deezie Brown Oh.

Confucius Jones It’s just it’s a lot going on in the world. I say that under bad leadership. NBA YoungBoy was arrested.

Fresh Knight Again.

Confucius Jones In Utah for multiple charges. According to jail records obtained by Hip Hop Rd. The Baton Rouge native, whose real name is Cantrell Gordon, was booked in Cascade County Sheriff’s Office this past Tuesday. He has been charged with a string of weapons, drug and fraud charges, including pattern of unlawful activity, procuring or attempting to procure drug prescription, identity fraud, forgery, possession of other controlled substances and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person. The raid was coordinated by the FBI, the Secret Service and Swat. Why did the Secret Service there?

Fresh Knight We had three government.

Deezie Brown Agencies.

Confucius Jones Going after him. Apparently he had been warned because he’s on probation in Utah. He there’s another case that he’s fighting and they you know, he agreed a couple of years ago to instead of prison, to be hauled up in the mountains of Utah, which is a wild place in Baton Rouge. And yeah, apparently, some, I guess, is lawful to reach out to him saying like, hey, bro, we’re here. A lot of things going on up there. Him you’re not doing drugs, are you? Not supposed to. He base I’ma keep doing it. I’m not going to stop this, I bet.

Fresh Knight So this young man clearly likes jail. He likes. I think he likes in being I don’t. You know what? Let me let me say I mean, that’s.

Confucius Jones Yeah. According to U.S. Attorney Ronald C gates Jr, he claimed the young boy had informed his supervising officer that he has no intentions to discontinue using a substance that resulted in his violation.

Deezie Brown Are you? He.

Confucius Jones He’s like, he’s 24 years old.

Fresh Knight The lights on, but nobody is at home in.

Confucius Jones I think your boy just. He’s he’s a troubled soul. Dallas is very troubled.

Fresh Knight Definitely.

Confucius Jones That’s why you tell you you’re on probation. You’re like, I’m not doing. I’m not. I’m gonna keep.

Fresh Knight Doing. I’m listening, and I’m gonna keep doing this.

Confucius Jones So now I’m pretty sure the gun revoke his probation. I’m sure he is in prison. Until it’s time for his court case.

Fresh Knight So that’s nuts, man.

Confucius Jones Wild. The biggest artist of a generation. It’s just.

Fresh Knight Can’t stay free.

Confucius Jones Can’t stay free. And that’s future, reads the news.

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