Zero Percent APR

Zero Percent APR: “Free to be Evil”

After a week of inclement weather and thunderstorms keeping us cooped up here in Austin, we can all sort of feel like we’re trapped in a dreary, damp dungeon. But if anyone knows how to keep good company and keep spirits out of the moat, it’s “dungeon folk” duo Zero Percent APR.

Despite their salesman-like, buzzword-imbued, and near un-Googleable name, Zero Percent APR doesn’t need much to sell you on their analog sound, instead basking in the obscurity of lower fidelities. Off the heels of this April’s Halbum and driven less by narrative, more by atmosphere than their Mesopotamian predecessors, Zero Percent APR soon spins their own epic, Gilgamesh II. Get your hands on Gilgamesh II tomorrow, and accept Zero Percent APR’s early offer, “Free to be Evil”!