Who Would Know

FRSH LMN: “Who Would Know”

You can’t beat the heat without keeping hydrated. So if you want to garnish your favorite sipper with some extra zest, grab a slice of FRSH LMN. This just-plucked project features a revitalizing of four Live Music Capital veterans, including the full backing band from funk-rock outfit The Dragon Berries and neo-soul singer Phon Soul. Together, this supergroup-of-sorts squeezes the best juices out of both their genre strongholds into a blend that’s refreshing as hell.

So FRSH LMN’s not about to let a little record-breaking nationwide heatwave sour their summer plans of sating the sonically-parched, ’cause when life gives you lemons, it’s better to drench than quench. Today FRSH LMN’s studio discography starts tart with “Who Would Know”, a debut single that at four-and-a-half minutes, provides a pitcher’s worth of ripe soul-funk-rock. Anchored by an envelope-filtered bass line that runs rather than walks, ebullient blues-psych electric six-string, in-the-pocket percussion fills and a bridge section that’ll throw you for a loop, “Who Would Know” that Phon Soul’s virtuosic vocals could sound even better than before in this exciting new context?