What'll I Do

Nobody’s Girl: “What’ll I Do”

Power trios, or “three-o’s” if your prefer; there just aren’t as many as there used to be. So when a three-piece of self-made songwriters join forces, hit the stage, and achieve a higher creative sum, you’ve gotta take note. And true to their moniker, the talented women of Nobody’s Girl (Rebecca Loebe, BettySoo, and Grace Pettis) have given birth to a collective creature that no single artist could possess on their own.

Specializing in Pop and Americana, these Studio 1A veterans have been around for a few years, but have patiently carved away at their outstanding eponymous debut LP ever since. Now, Nobody’s Girl is finally ready to come out of the oven and you can get it while it’s hot on release day next Friday, but not before an appetizer of the audio with “What’ll I Do”!