What the Throne

Who Killed R&B?

Confucius and Fresh talk about the importance of hip-hop podcasts. Then they discuss Diddy and Mary J Blige’s recent conversation about who killed R&B.

You’ll learn Hip-Hop Facts about who invented turntable scratching, who wrote P. Diddy’s “Let’s Get It,” how Jay-Z and Kanye prevented “Watch the Throne” from leaking before it was released, and more.

After seeing Kid Cudi’s Esquire cover where he’s wearing only a sock,  Fresh states the Unpopular Opinion that just because your favorite artist does something outrageous,  doesn’t mean it’s cool or artistic.

Confucius talks about Kid Cudi’s remarks about Kanye in his Esquire article, Donald Trump’s difficulties finding lawyers, Timbaland & Swizz Beats’ lawsuit against Triller, their partner in Verzuz, and more.