vietnam war

Teaching ancient Greek and Roman texts in the Jim Crow era

As Title 42 comes to an end, El Paso declares a state of emergency due to the influx of migrants.

The week ahead at the Texas Legislature, and two bills affecting transgender youth in Texas; one relating to medical treatment, the other, sports competition.

An investigation of a chemical fire in Deer Park outside of Houston, and what it says about warning signs and preparation for potential disasters.

Researchers revisit an educational debate from the Jim Crow era, and the contributions of the Black Texans at the center of it.

A Tribute to Shirley A. Chisholm (Ep. 5, 2023)

This week on In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. pays tribute to the late U.S. Congresswoman Shirley A. Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to Congress, a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and the first female Presidential candidate, with an interview recorded in 1982.

Dr. Mary Frances Berry, pt. 1 (Ep. 30, 2018)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Dr. Mary Frances Berry, educator, civil rights advocate, and author of History Teaches Us To Resist: How Progressive Movements Have Succeeded In Challenging Times.

Joseph Rosenbloom, pt. 1 (Ep. 23, 2018)

This week, In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Joseph Rosenbloom, author of Redemption: Martin Luther King’s Last 31 Hours, about the events and circumstances that led to Dr. King’s assassination in Memphis on April 4, 1968.

The Late Dick Gregory, part 1 (Ep. 51, 2017)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. presents an interview from 2000 with pioneering comedian, social critic, civil rights activist, author and wellness guru Dick Gregory, who passed away August, 19, 2017, at the age of 84.

1968 Bullock Museum

1968 was one of the most impactful years in American history; the United States was in the middle of the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were each assassinated, and the Apollo 8 mission was launched and completed successfully. The Bullock Texas State History Museum has an exhibit that presents all the significant developments throughout the year in a month-by-month display. In this episode, Rebecca McInroy invites Kate Betts, Margaret Cook, Nancy Baker Jones, and Jean Heath to discuss this exhibit and review the year in depth.