Veracruz music

Pehuenche: “Agua Bendita”

¬°Feliz Cinco de Mayo! We’re commemorating the date with Veracruz-born songwriter Rafael Mesa Zamudio, better known by his stage and studio name Pehuenche. Be it with traditional Latin American rhythms, modern Mexican flavors, or the folk-pop-rock sonics of the ’60s and ’70s, Pehuenche puts it all together into something entirely new. On top of his status as a highly sought after session musician, this classically-trained singer-guitarist has performed all over Latin America in orchestras, choral ensembles, and fusion bands.

Pehuenche’s inaugural solo EP Vendaval came out in 2018, enticing international audiences with six genre-spanning arrangements and plenty of virtuosity on vocals and guitar. In just a couple weeks Pehuenche expands on Vendaval‘s sound with even more guest features and orchestral flourishes courtesy of his debut full-length, Vida Ventura; cinematic brass and strings elevate Vida Ventura‘s latest single, “Agua Bendita” from desert dirt straight into the sunny heavens, where Zaumdio is joined by Barcelona’s Carlos Sadness. So if you’re in need of some good fortune, pick up a copy of Vida Ventura on May 20th, and anoint yourself on the anniversary of a major military victory with a song that just oozes conquest.