"They Don't Know How To Fall In Place"

The Lemon Twigs: “They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place”

You know the expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? We’ve always though the phrase was a bit unfair to the citrus, because cultivation is actually a tedious process of temperature control, planting trees, pruning, and patiently waiting for seedlings to get big and yellow. Not only that, but once the batch is ripe and hardy, lemonade is just one of the many recipes that infuse those unique flavors.

So we’ve been kind of thinking about The Lemon Twigs with a similar outlook; ten years since the D’Addario bros started their high school pet project, The Lemon Twigs sound more mature than ever, and over that decade they’ve lent their style to dishes of baroque pop, art rock, glam, indie, and beyond. And especially in the last year or so, the boys have been busy! With the retro soft rock taste of last May’s Everything Harmony still fresh in our mouths, this morning The Lemon Twigs announced their sixth full-length A Dream Is All We Know – out May 3rd.

Yes, we were foolish enough to assume that early January’s “My Golden Years” was all the stand had to offer for now. Instead it’s just the first offering and album opener from this fresh, dozen-track bushel of pond-crossing ’60s sensibilities. Like swingin’ London squeezed the sweetest bits out of the Haight-Ashbury scene and vice versa, that well-aged jangle really pops on A Dream…‘s sophomore song, “They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place”, which, down to the grainy look and color processing of its music video, oozes that iconic 1960s counterculture aesthetic.