Texas Standard: July 31, 2015

Bedsheets, clothing, trash bags- a review of Texas jailhouse suicides raises questions of what officials can do turn things around- today on the Texas Standard.
In the wake of scandals at the VA hospitals- legislation to make it easier to fire bad actors hits a roadblock – we’ll hear why.
Also, freedom of choice was supposed to mean savings for millions of Texas electricity customers, yet many are still shocked by the bills. Where’s the disconnect?
Those stories plus the week in Texas politics, also tips for spending your weekend wisely from points across Texas and more…

Texas Standard: July 29, 2015

It’s not just a series of videos anymore—as hearings get underway on the business practices of Planned Parenthood, today on the Texas Standard.
Also, what ever happened to Jade Helm? The unprecedented military exercise in Texas and across the Southwest? We’ll get an update from one of the self-proclaimed watchers.
The Chinese stock markets may be collapsing…but guess where all the money’s going? Here’s a hint: homes in Texas.
And: Tyler, Victoria, Austin–what’s in a name? Better question: what’s in a nickname. An inventory of municipal mottos…all that and much more today on the Texas Standard.