Terra Lightfoot

Jane Ellen Bryant & Terra Lightfoot – Somebody Was Gonna Find Out

This week’s episode deals with intense topics that may be difficult for some of you to hear. A very resilient young woman shares how she discovered her fathers affair only to be blamed by him for the fallout.

Austin’s Jane Ellen Bryant and the award winning Ontario songwriter Terra Lightfoot collaborate, writing a beautiful and appropriately haunting ballad that peers into our confessor’s bravery.

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Song Confessional Season 2 Announcement

Season 2 starts January 13! New song premieres from !!!, Alesia Lani, Sea Moya, Jane Ellen Bryant & Terra Lightfoot, David Ramirez & Kalu James, Madisen Ward & The Momma Bear, Night Moves.

New original score for every episode!

Even more exciting news, we now have a permanent interactive confession booth in partnership with Hotel Magdalena! Visit Hotel Magdalena in Austin, TX anytime to share your stories. New Episodes every Thursday.

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