Texas Standard: September 26, 2016

With a key moment in American politics hours away- why what voters see in the debate might not be what the press sees. The story today on the Texas Standard.

After refusing to endorse the Republican nominee at the convention Ted Cruz jumps on to the Trump train. But does Cruz think Trump’s fit to be president? That’s another question. We’ll hear how he answered it.

Also, we’ve heard about drowning in student debt, what does that mean in real life? A case study from North Texas…

And Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s offers a humble alternative to the Texas state song. Lawmakers are you listening? All those stories and much more.

Texas Standard: May 3, 2016

When he started, few would have cast him as the Republican establishment’s pick for President. Tonight is it Cruz’ last stand? That story today on the Texas Standard

The worst of the rain may be gone, but perhaps not the worst of the floods. Environmentalists worry about what may be an overlooked concern showing up in photos- we’ll explain.

A would-be bathroom ordinance gets flushed- but also points to future battles across the state.

Also, a Texas social media ban that could cross the line.

And further evideince that Texas’ reputation for food is fast growing beyond the sterotypical barbecue pit.