Sweet Slacks

Sweet Slacks: “Cruise Control”

There’s no sensation quite like discovering a new artist, and when a group has really fun song titles, that joyous curiosity can show up well before you even press “play”. One glance at track names like “Tijuana Blowout”, “Check Please”, and “Whiskey Diviner” clues you into the inherent lighthearted friendship that fuels Austin quartet Sweet Slacks. Like a perfect pair of trousers, over the the past four years Sweet Slacks has seamlessly slipped into their hem of harmony-heavy, guitar-driven indie rock and pop-punk. Sweet Slacks’ three studio EPs came out in a two-year sprint (between their January 2019 debut Fever Breaks and their latest, October 2020’s Strays). But recently they’ve hit a stride that matches closer to the pedestrian pace of our pandemic-era. Sweet Slacks has sewn three standalone singles over the last few months, each toting an inseam of matured, retro-beckoning indie. So with sultry showers dominating our skies, you can switch on “Cruise Control”, set your sights on the crying clouds, and let your foot tap to its fullest – no pants required.