Sven Wunder

Sven Wunder: “Panorama”

Dating back to the heyday of film noir, jazz has always lent itself to an element of mystery. And for Swedish studio hermit Sven Wunder, jazz has allowed him to explore several eclectic satellite genres without relying on any concrete songwriting formulas, be it with the Anatolian rock and European jazz on 2019’s Eastern Flowers or the Pan-Asian elements heard on last year’s Wabi Sabi.

Regardless of where Wunder lands on the jazz spectrum, he’s set to continue the saga this Friday with Natura Morta, a cross-cultural full-length that examines humanity’s ties to nature and chips away at the walls dividing classical chamber orchestras and modern jazz bands at just under a dozen tracks. Natura Morta‘s sprawling sound isn’t the easiest to define on the whole, but there’s a timeless, nationless quality to the record’s latest single that recalls the oddities and fluidities of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Panorama”!