surf rock

The Avocados: “Flipside”

Summer may be far behind us but surf rock music is a good fit for all seasons, hot or cold. That’s common knowledge for Austin quartet The Avocados, who, like the fruit of the same name, have taken years to fully mature from their pit status all the way back in 2013. The four seasoned veterans of The Avocados each bring their own genre-specific spices to the table and spread them out across concise, easily-digestible surf rock soundscapes, plenty of which you’ll hear on their new LP, ¬°Ensalada!. ¬°Ensalada!‘s just about ripe enough to dig into, and drops this Saturday alongside a release show that same afternoon at Far Out Lounge. At just shy of a dozen tracks, the strictly instrumental experience of ¬°Ensalada! will keep you cool-headed as you coast across whatever life throws at you, especially with tracks like “Flipside” that sound like they’d be right at home in the background of a deleted Pulp Fiction scene.