KUT Morning Newscast for February 21, 2023

Central Texas top stories for February 21, 2023. Austin City Council to hear from Austin Energy. Disaster declaration expansion. Austin Police street racing investigation. Austin ISD superintendent search options. Austin ISD sex ed curriculum opt in. College polling sites. 

KUT Morning Newscast for January 26, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 26, 2023. Austin Fire Department prescribed burn. Austin City Council eviction relief. Austin ISD begins superintendent search. Austin homeless strategy division meetings. Hutto gets a movie theater.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 13, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 13, 2023. Austin ISD Superintendent search continues. AISD raising teacher pay. Leander ISD instructional materials. 911 holiday hold times. Abandoned oil and gas wells.

KUT Morning Newscast for December 16, 2022

Central Texas top stories for December 16, 2022. Rosewood rebuild. Austin ISD chooses interim superintendent. High school football state championships. UT Volleyball to NCAA Championship.

KUT Morning Newscast for December 8, 2022

Central Texas top stories for December 8, 2022. Austin ISD Superintendent interviews. Texas energy regulator resource concerns. Huston-Tillotson grant. Trail of Lights back to normal. UT Volleyball sweet 16.

KUT Morning Newscast for December 5, 2022

Central Texas top stories for December 5, 2022. Austin runoff early voting. Austin ISD superintendent search. Teacher salary report. Public Utility Commission power grid overhaul. UT Football Bowl bound. UT Volleyball NCAA tournament. Ronald Reagan Bridge.

KUT Morning Newscast for November 17, 2022

Central Texas top stories for November 17, 2022. UT Grad students protest. Austin ISD interim superintendent. HEB beef recall. Austin light-rail system. Texas electric market proposed changes. Austin-Bergstrom holiday crowds. Taylor holiday parade.

Texas Standard: January 19, 2022

Central and southern Texas braces for its first winter storm event of 2022 as emergency teams in Bastrop struggle with a wildfire and evacuations. Plus, a wave of resignations from Texas school superintendents. Also, Texas experts offer a projection of when Omicron may peak in Texas. Join us for all this and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: October 16, 2020

As Coronavirus cases tick upwards again in Texas, some schools are returning to laptops and tablets. But others are going the opposite direction. Coming up our conversations with the superintendents of two Texas school districts where back to school is the rule, despite concerns about an uptick in Coronavirus cases. We’ll hear the rationale. Also you’ve heard of the great recession. Now the spotlight turns to what Texas researchers are calling the economic “she-session” of 2020. Plus the week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: March 27, 2019

When it comes to health care, now what? An unexpected move by the Justice Department to side with Texas in fighting the Affordable Care Act, we’ll have the latest. Also, days after that fire was extinguished at a chemical plant near Houston, losses and lawsuits are starting to mount. And greyhound racing is legal in Texas. But some wonder for how much longer, after a complaint about a wave of injuries to dogs and questions about oversight. Plus the team at Politifact double check a claim about Texas child care workers. Do only 11% meet quality standards? All that and more when today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: March 14, 2019

The 15th democrat and the second Texan has made it official: he’s running for President. But do the numbers add up for Beto ‘O Rourke? We’ll have more on the announcement by a former congressman from El Paso who wants to take on Donald Trump for President. Also, in conservative Midland, a test for the Castle Doctrine following the shooting death of a policeman. And the east Texas mayor who’s banning the STAAR test, and hoping other mayors will follow suit. It looks like some just might. Plus Omar Gallaga with the tech buzz from SXSW, and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: November 7, 2017

A failure to communicate: the air force says it failed to pass along information that might have foiled the Sutherland springs shooter. As the world finally learns more about the people killed and injured in Southerland Springs on Sunday. Also what happens next for the community? This hour, we’ll hear from the leader of another Texas church also shattered by a mass shooting almost 20 years ago. And it’s election day across Texas. At stake, billions of dollars for Texas schools. But are Texans paying attention? And why the 2004 attack on Sadr city resonates to this day. Martha Raddatz on the series the long road home. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard: