Superfónicos: “Primera Luz”

You’ve heard a ton about our Holiday Sing-Along over the past couple weeks, and today we’ve got good news for both Grinches and Gingerbread Architects alike. To the former, you won’t be hearing those promos after this weekend. To the latter, we’ve got an early stocking stuffer for you.

That’s because shortly after the tree lighting, KUTX favorite Superfónicos‘ll be serenading us with their idiosyncratic blend of world music. This one-of-a-kind Latin-fusion octet is no stranger to Studio 1A, nor Austin Music Minute, nor Song of the Day. Which shows you how just how spectacular and accessible this first-rate eight-piece still is, even almost a decade down the line.

We’re not entirely sure how the stars aligned so dang well for Superfónicos’ latest single, but given the title and their post-lighting performance tomorrow night, the cosmos are clearly on their side. Between tantalizing auxiliary percussion, a free-flowing psychedelic structure, and harmonies that herald radiance, Superfónicos’ almost-unbelievable eight-part cohesion is illuminated throughout “Primera Luz”, AKA “First Light”. Pop “Primera Luz” into your favorite playlist, and catch Superfónicos in person tomorrow night or for “Cumbia NYE” at Far Out Lounge along with Grupo Fantasma.

Superfónicos – Tu Voz

This week launches the first episode in our new season!

For the first time, we’re pulling an unreleased track from the vault inspired by the 2018 midterms.

Austin-based, Columbian fusion outfit, Superfónicos, wrote and live recorded a groovy track encouraging us all to get out and vote.


This Song: Superfónicos

As the singer and Gaita player for the Austin based Afro Columbian band Superfónicos, Jaime Ospina often finds musical inspiration in some pretty interesting places. In this episode, Jaime talks about his love for Gary Clark Jr’s song “When My Train Pulls In” and how the Blues Brothers soundtrack pushed him to discover roots music from his own country. Plus, he tells us how African American music can help us all survive and thrive in an increasingly chaotic world.

📸 Gabriel Perez

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