Sunday Scaries

Rental House: “Sunday Scaries”

There are so many artists out there with names that are virtually un-Google-able. And if they’re from Austin, it’s not really helping their SEO. I mean just try searching “Hikes Austin”…you’re not gonna find music. Hell, even Spoon might’ve had some trouble in their earlier days. Which brings us to Rental House. No, it’s not Airbnb or Vrbo. It’s an indie pop-rock trio whose moniker came from their place of practice. Each of the three members offers a ton of efficiency for Rental House’s sonic square footage; bassist-singer Scott Hullum helms songwriting and production, singer-guitarist Donnie Kelly spearheads the riffs, and percussionist Nathan Threlkeld masterminds the beats. Oh, and all three throw down on synth. It’s a stimulating mix that’s till taking shape. And with just two studio singles out, the bubble’s not bursting for Rental House anytime soon. A couple weeks back Rental House invited us into their home for the second of those singles, “Sunday Scaries”. With soft shoegaze dynamics and a VHS-shot music video, “Sunday Scaries” may be the perfect encapsulation of procrastination and our endless desire to distract ourselves.