Sugar Land

Brittney Martin (Ep. 35, 2023)

On this editi0n of In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Brittney Martin, co-host and Executive Producer of Sugar Land, and eight-episode podcast that explores how the discovery of an old cemetery forced a city to confront the truth of its history of a convict-leasing program with roots in slavery.

Brittney sits down with Kai Wright of Notes from America

Kai Wright of the public radio show Notes from America recently sat down with Sugar Land host Brittney Martin to talk about the history of convict leasing and why she never learned about it in school. Notes from America is a show about the unfinished business of our history and its grip on our future. This episode of Notes from America originally included part one of our podcast, Sugar Land. We’ve edited this to be only the interview segments.

Center of the Ring

(Episode 3) The fight of the century is unfolding in Sugar Land. Should the bodies be moved so construction could continue, or should they be reburied where they were found? Alliances are made and broken, Reginald Moore leads a coup, and in the end, one side claims a clear victory.

The full transcript and a collection of materials, letters and reports are available on our Sugar Land podcast website.

Cormac McCarthy’s deep Texas ties

A tornado tore through the Panhandle town of Perryton on Thursday, leaving three dead, scores injured and many without homes – and forecasts say there’s more severe weather on the way.

Native American tribes are celebrating a big win before the Supreme Court in an adoption law case brought by a white foster couple from Texas.

What an expo in El Paso says about an aspect of border security that’s seldom talked about.

Remembering a giant of American novelists, Cormac McCarthy, and his ties to Texas.

And the week in politics with the Texas Tribune.

Who’s Buried Here?

(Episode 1) The Fort Bend Independent School District is set to start building a new school in the sweet city of Sugar Land, Texas. After years of planning, contractors finally break ground on the site. But the very next day, someone shows up with a warning: Be on the lookout for bodies.

Archival audio in this episode is courtesy of Sugar Land Heritage Foundation and provided by Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

The full transcript and a collection of materials, letters and reports are available on our Sugar Land podcast website.

Trailer: Sugar Land

Sugar Land, Texas, is a city with a sweet reputation … but it’s hiding a dark secret. The suspected remains of 95 convict laborers were discovered during the construction of a new school. Who are they and why are they there?

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