Easy Compadre!: “Besos De Menta” (feat. Starflake)

Prog-pop. Admittedly not the most expected pairing compared to its ’70s counterpart prog-rock. But here’s where it gets interesting. Austin three-piece Easy Compadre! also incorporates a little bit of cumbia, synth-wave and other worldly styles into their sonics. Comprised of guitarist Hector Tednoir, keyboardist/bassist Oscar Botello and percussionist Chido Machine, Easy Compadre’s been doing their thing since 2019.

The three mend their unique talents into a refreshing blend of traditional and digital multimedia; interactive visuals and video mapping pair effortlessly with classic rock instrumentation and MIDI controllers. And after almost a dozen standalone singles, Easy Compadre! has pulled the curtain on their fourth track of the year and second official collaboration. Not too long ago Easy Compadre! invited The Bright Light Social Hour’s Jackie O’Brien (AKA “Starflake”) into the studio and recently emerged with some impeccable cross-cultural chemistry. “Besos De Menta” (and its SFX-laden music video) is a silly but sweet three-and-a-half minute riff on the anxieties of modern dating, whose eccentric energy and airtight arrangement will treat your ears like the taste of peppermint on your lips.