Austin’s only snow this winter likely came from power plants

Well, Spring is almost here and we’ve had virtually no snow in Austin this winter. That is, unless you live in a narrow stretch of East Austin between Decker Lake and the Austin Airport. It did snow there, and pretty much only there, one Monday morning in mid January. This week, as the KUT Newsroom has been focusing on water issues in the area, KUT’s Mose Buchele brings this update on that highly localized snowfall, and it’s surprising likely source.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 16, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 16, 2024. Frigid forecast. Latest state of the power grid. Why we drip faucets in freezing temperatures. Austin-Bergstrom’s lights snow dusting explained. Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin is approaching its 25th anniversary.

Them Ol’ ERCOT Blues

Texans have (so far) not experienced widespread blackouts this winter. Still, many prepared for the worst heading into Winter Storm Landon. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

Texas Standard: February 23, 2021

After a death from hypothermia, a Conroe family among the many filing suit against Texas electric grid manager. But can ERCOT be sued? Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, a governmental entity cannot be sued without its consent. But ERCOT, a private non-profit corporation, claims it is protected too. What’s behind the claims and counterclaims mounting across the Lone Star State? Also, could technology embraced during the pandemic lead to and end to snow days for schools across Texas?Plus another lingering effect of the storm, the rise of so-called Buy Nothing groups. All those stories and a whole lot more coming up today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: February 15, 2021

As the temperatures fall, along with precipitation, millions of Texans stranded or worse by winter weather. Coming up, conversations with reporters from across Texas on how Texans are weathering conditions that have brought large parts of the state to a standstill. Also, missing out on the vaccine but getting something else instead: scammed. A report from Houston. Plus a major disconnect with rural Texas: concerns that a lack of broadband is leaving some Texas towns far behind. And new efforts to reunite families separated by U.S. immigration policies. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: February 5, 2020

President Trump delivers a State of the Union tuned for election season, as the spanish language response is delivered from the Lone Star State. Abby Livingston of the Texas Tribune has the highs and lows from last night’s speech before Congress. Plus, destination Texas as Britain makes its first post Brexit foreign trade visit. The UK’s international Trade Minister joins us to explain why Texas. And 1 out of every 10 American kids: a Texan… Is that a fact? Madlin Meckelberg of Politifact Texas does the numbers. All of that and then some today on the Texas Standard: