Sick To My Stomach

merci, mercy: “Sick To My Stomach”

You hear a lot of Australian music on 98.9, so much that you may wonder, “is this supposed to be the Aussie music experience?” But despite how well the continent’s handled quarantine, they haven’t stopped sharing great music, and we’re just trying to keep up. As of yet, though, we don’t have Sydney’s merci, mercy in rotation, but that may soon change.

This composer made her debut right at the beginning of the pandemic with her 2020 EP no thank you, no thanks, and has since garnered 12 million streams with her luminous vocals and immaculate sense of pop songwriting. merci, mercy’s set to share her sophomore EP later this year, and released one of its singles just yesterday. With a synth-heavy, retro-percussion groove, “Sick To My Stomach” could easily become one of your favorite bops of 2022, but don’t let that head-bobbin’ beat overshadow the earnestness of these habit-kicking lyrics.