Serena Williams

The Curious Case of Rap Mags

This week Confucius and Fresh talk about the decline of hip-hop magazines and discuss whether video vixens are still a thing.

You’ll learn Hip-Hop Facts about H.E.R.’s history as a child prodigy, how DJ Clark Kent finagled Notorious B.I.G. onto Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest” the lost “Gettin Jiggy Wit It” remix and more.

Fresh states the Unpopular Opinion that Austin artists should stop asking the city government for help and stop threatening to leave the scene.

Confucius talks about the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, A$AP Rocky’s legal trouble with A$AP Relli, Serena Williams’ retirement from tennis, and more in this week’s installment in Confucius Reads the News.



Texas Standard: September 30, 2018

Latinos tipping the scales this election year? Turns out its not just the Democrats who stand to gain from a get out the vote effort, we’ll look at the numbers. Also, a Texas city now topping the nation as the most dangerous place to drive in the U.S. A combination of high speed, heavy congestion and infrastructure to blame. We’ll have more. Plus oil prices rising, but why? We’ll look at the good the bad and the ugly. Also a photo of an emaciated Texas horse goes viral sparking questions about the real definition of animal cruelty. We’ll explore and a whole lot more on todays Texas Standard: