Secret Service

Texas Standard: March 18, 2022

High winds, low humidity and dry conditions fuel wildfires in Texas. In Abilene authorities have ordered evacuation. We’ll have the latest. Also, extradition can ensure those who flee to another country face justice. A judge in Scotland though ruled returning a man would be a human rights violation because of poor conditions in Texas prisons. Plus a trailblazing Secret Service agent talks about being one of the first women hired to do the job. Also, the Texas border chef nominated for a prestigious national award three years after opening his restaurant in El Paso. All of those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

!!! – All I Wanted Was a Photograph

Welcome back to Song Confessional, the only podcast where today’s top songwriters turn your anonymous stories into original songs.

This week, we learn why you don’t send pictures of a gun to your friend in prison and New York-based dance/punk outfit !!! (Chk Chk Chk) turn this cautionary tale into a raucous new groove.

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Texas Standard: December 15, 2017

The UN and Amnesty International among the groups warning of a new move to green light the militarization of Mexico, we’ll have the latest. Also, NASA celebrating the discovery of a new planet in a solar system that looks not entirely unlike our own. But it’s how the discovery was made that’s a breakthrough unto itself, we’ll hear why. And on a fateful November day in Dallas, 1963, a secret service agent threw himself on top of the first lady to shield her from bullets. And for years blamed himself for the death of a president. Today, that agent, Clint Hill, joins us. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard: