Scholz Garten

Confession Call #3

Do you write songs? If you do, we want you to write a song based on the confession in this episode!! If we love it, it may become the KUTX Song of the Day.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Listen to the latest episode of the Song Confessional podcast. You’ll hear an anonymous confession that we collected back in March at the KUTX Live at Scholz Garten series.
  2. Write a song inspired by that confession and record it. Anything from an iPhone memo to a full-on bedroom production, whatever puts you in the zone.
  3. Submit it to by Sunday, May 12th
  4. Some of the songs will be featured on the May 15th episode of the Song Confessional podcast

Plus the Song Confessional Team will choose their favorite song and give the winner a day in the studio with Walker Lukens to professionally record your song! That song will be featured on the KUTX Song of the Day.

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