Texas Standard: September 20, 2016

First there was the arrest. Then the jailhouse death. Global outrage over the incident. Now comes the Sandra Bland Act. What it could mean, today on the Texas Standard.

As the nation focuses its attention on threats from abroad, law enforcement launches a multipronged crackdown on a made in Texas terror group with entirely different goals. And one of the leaders talks to NPR’s John Burnett. We’ll hear the backstory.
Also, the controversy over fracking moves offshore as environmentalists spar with industry over what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

And Texas athletes taking a knee for Kapernick: how the NFL player’s protest is spreading among highschoolers.

Texas Standard: July 30, 2015

Texas has safeguards to prevent jail suicides. So why did they fail Sandra Bland and why so many jail suicides statewide? Jonathan Pollard, convicted Israeli spy and native son of Texas. His imminent and controversial release turns a spotlight on his backstory. Also, the Trans-Pacific Partnership faces a Friday deadline to reach a deal and what it means for the home front. Also, barbecue may be red hot right now…but the classic joint may be on its way out. Why?