Salsa Magic

A taco is only as good as the salsa that tops it off. Let’s do a breakdown of the salsas that complete our favorite tacos, from taqueria style, to hot sauces. We’ll talk about the science of peppers with “The Chileman” Paul Bosland and see how different chiles perform on the Scoville Pepper scale. Mr. Bosland is the former director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University and has published more than 150 scientific papers and co-authored five books, including the Official Cookbook of the Chile Pepper Institute. We’ll also eat chips and salsa with the Fantastic Fuego team, Tony Nuñez and Stephanie Sanyour, while getting to know how they went from Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival competitors to packaging their own salsas. Then we’ll go into my home kitchen to make one of my favorite salsas and how to pair them up with your favorite tacos.

Texas Standard: April 6, 2017

Marathon: more than a city in west Texas, a description of a drama unfolding at the capitol right now. Also the number of people apprehended at the border hits a 17 year low. History says they’re supposed to be on the rise. What’s up? Some answers from the front lines. And as fears escalate over deportation in Spanish speaking communities, some Texas businesses try adaptation: the new rules of engagement with customers. Also a spike in disability claims in rural America has researchers asking how ya gonna keep em down on the farm, or the ranch. And if internet companies are gonna share your info, what can you do to keep it to yourself? Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:


Texans love their queso. That was the inspiration for Typewriter Rodeo’s David Fritcher as he wrote this week’s poem.