Roger Miller

This Song: Josh Ritter // John Carter Cash

This Song has gone country! In this episode we have two examples of artists who drew inspiration from the deep well of American Country music.

First Josh Ritter explains how delving into the catalogue of Roger Miller helped him let go of the rules and find his voice for his new record “Sermon on the Rocks.” Then producer John Carter Cash explains why the music of his grandmother, Mother Maybelle Carter,  influenced his musical path even more than the work of his father,  Johnny Cash. He also explains how that music found it’s way onto “Full Circle,” the new record he produced for Loretta Lynn.

Listen to Josh Ritter’s studio 1A performance

Watch Josh Ritter perform “Getting Ready to Get Down” on VuHaus

Watch the Trailer for Loretta Lynn’s new record “Full Circle”

Get the info for Loretta Lynn’s official SXSW show

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