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Texas Standard: September 8, 2017

As Irma bears down on a Harvey hit US, our neighbors to the south prepare for their own dual front disaster, we’ll explore. Also, it’s been more than 2 years since the waco biker shootout, and so far not a single conviction. How much did police know about the likelihood of violence that day, and why didn’t they intervene? Documents obtained by the Texas Standard shed new light on those questions, and we’ll talk with our investigative reporter. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: August 28, 2017

The official forecast was spot on: an unprecedented event and beyond anything experienced. How Texas is weathering Harvey. It started out with staggering winds making landfall north of Corpus Christi, the view from near Rockport described as apocalyptic. No longer a hurricane, Harvey unleashed its fury further north, plunging the third largest metropolitan area into a flood of historic dimensions. We’ll have the latest today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: March 7, 2016

Remember when there were 9 on stage plus a kiddy table debate? Some say its now down to two. And one’s from you know where. Riddle me this: why does a candidate who’s offended so many south of the border have so much apparent support in the borderlands? Because there’s more to the story. We’ll check in with Laredo. Also when it comes to cars, the highest insurance rates are also in the poorest places in Texas. We’ll do the math. And why are millions of Texas tax dollars being spent on juggling balls, custom coffee mugs and other tchotchkes? Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard: