Ralph: “Strawberry Meltdown”

Dating back to the genre’s inception, the world of pop music has been highly competitive; these days everybody and their mothers wants to be the next Taylor Swift or Dua Lipa. So when a pop singer comes along with something unique that doesn’t try to chase a recent fad, it’s actually pretty impressive. Which brings us to Toronto’s Raffaela Weyman, better known monomynously as Ralph.

With the pristine digital production of the modern era at her fingertips, Ralph bridges a cross-generational gap between ’70s/’80s darlings Stevie Nicks, Sade, Cher, and Donna Summer to current electronic-R&B sensibilities. Ralph’s all set to share her latest EP, Gradience, in its full resplendent glory, but in the midst of unseasonable heat close to Ralph’s home, she’s treated us to an ideal car cruising-bop (be it with the top down or AC on full blast), “Strawberry Meltdown”!