Texas Standard: August 26, 2016

How much is too much? A Texas teacher’s note to parents sparks a national conversation over homework. We’re hittin’ the books today on the Texas Standard.

You’ve heard about the opioid problem nationwide, now hear this: the drug linked to the death of Prince is causing a crisis in Houston. We’ll learn why.

Also, is the bag ban in several Texas cities about to get sacked? A court case in Laredo may have set a statewide precedent.

And more than just Friday Night Lights: why the start of the season could rekindle a sense of community.

Texas Standard: August 25, 2016

$20 million and change— a record setting fine for the administrators of the annual Texas standardized school tests. The stakes today on the Texas Standard.

The attack on the university in Kabul: dozens of American Universities around the world, what’s in a name? And why that matters.

Also, if Northeast Texas were a separate state it would rank near the bottom in annual mortality rates. What’s killing people in Northeast Texas? We’ll explore.

Plus the Black Lives Matter movement, when and where did it start? A powerful case for Houston this week in 1917.

Those stories and much more, We’re just getting started, no matter where you are, it’s Texas Standard time.

Texas Standard: August 24, 2016

Guess who’s coming to dinner? The mother of a transgender boy gets a long awaited RSVP from Ken Paxton. We’ll meet her today on the Texas Standard.

Set asides for higher ed students- the Lt. Governor wants to get rid of them claiming it would cut the cost of college across the board. Do the numbers add up?

Cleared for takeoff: new rules set to open up the skies between Mexico and Texas. Fasten your seatbelts, deal seekers.

Plus, have you noticed? From fast food places to supermarkets across Texas, what’s with all the hullabaloo over Hatch chilies?

And the etymology of a native Texan noun that’s gone global.
All that and then some today on the Texas Standard.

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Texas Standard: August 23, 2016

Lynch mobs are thriving in Texas, only these days they’re online, and kids are often the victims. Now a push for a law to stop them. Today on the Texas Standard.

What’s less likely than this: Donald Trump stumping for votes in the solidly democratic capitol of the reddest of states? We’ll hear what really behind his Texas swing.

Also, the feds say they want to close private prisons, now Texas is talking prison closings too…but not for the same reasons. We’ll have the back story.

And the politics of science: in a debate over what’s causing earthquakes in north Texas, the EPA shakes things up.

Texas Standard: August 22, 2016

File under impeccable timing: on the first day of school for many across Texas, a ruling to stop a controversial bathroom policy- details today on the Texas Standard.

The decision by a federal court in Texas affects schools nationwide, temporarily putting the brakes on an Obama Adminsitration order to accomodate transgender students. We’ll explore the implications.

Also, a stay of execution for a Texas death row inmate convicted of murder who never actually killed anyone.

Plus: life in south Texas, under the all seeing eye. The border between security and 24/7 government surveillance.

Texas Standard: May 3, 2016

When he started, few would have cast him as the Republican establishment’s pick for President. Tonight is it Cruz’ last stand? That story today on the Texas Standard

The worst of the rain may be gone, but perhaps not the worst of the floods. Environmentalists worry about what may be an overlooked concern showing up in photos- we’ll explain.

A would-be bathroom ordinance gets flushed- but also points to future battles across the state.

Also, a Texas social media ban that could cross the line.

And further evideince that Texas’ reputation for food is fast growing beyond the sterotypical barbecue pit.

March 10, 2015

The official vehicle of Texas goes from large to extra large why but at what cost to safety? Also, we’ll explore why other states are looking to Texas for criminal justice reform. Plus, a prescription for what ails us politically. All that and more and this episode of the Texas Standard: