Pom Pom Squad

Pom Pom Squad – River part 2

This week Walker sat down with the brainchild of Pom Pom Squad, Mia Barren.

They discuss how crazy Pom Pom Squad’s 2022 has been including, touring across the globe, how Mia is taking care of herself amidst the chaos of touring, how she and her band have grown, and what parts of last week’s confession inspired her to write “River”.

If you haven’t heard part 1 before this, go back and listen to the confession as well as Zac and Walker’s thoughts on last week’s confession.

Pom Pom Squad – River part 1

This week’s episode features the confession that inspired Pom Pom Squad’s latest tune “River”.

In this episode, you’ll hear our confessor talk about how his father’s death led to his divorce. You’ll also hear Walker and Zac discuss this confession in-depth and share how they relate to our confessor. And you’ll hear “River” by Pom Pom Squad.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of our episode next week when Walker chats with Pom Pom Squad directly.