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Meredith Goldstein is host of the Love Letters podcast, the love advice columnist and entertainment writer for the Boston Globe and one of host Elizabeth McQueen’s oldest and dearest friends.  In this episode she explores all the reasons she loves the sexy, pleading desperation of “Father Figure” by George Michael.

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And now, for Meredith Goldstein’s “Pleading Playlist!”

George Michael was particularly incredible at writing songs about pleading for physical (or emotional) intimacy. On some tracks, he begs for it, usually while building to a great crescendo. “Father Figure” is my favorite (for many complicated reasons discussed on the podcast), but there are others that make their way onto my playlists. These are some of my favorite songs that feature George Michael asking, begging, and pleading to get love of some kind.

I Want Your Sex (Part 2)

The first installment of this very literal (and wonderful) pop song is all about lobbying for sex. But Part 2 adds new hooks, more begging, and my favorite lines: “I’m not your brother. I’m not your father.” I mean, he’s not technically a father … just a father figure.


I always thought it was weird that Adele chose to cover this song to honor George Michael on the Grammys (I figured she’d opt for “One More Try,” which seems very much in her wheelhouse). But this song is quintessentially George. It’s another hit that lyrically is one big request for intimacy, although in this case it’s more about distraction. It’s not so much about fast love, but more about seeking intimacy for a break from emptiness. “In the absence of security, I made my way into the night. …So why don’t we make a little room in my BMW …  searchin’ for some peace of mind.”


I love the lyrics: “When you know what to do, I’ll be in the next room.” What an invitation.


This is the most overtly sexual George Michael song there is, and in it, he’s still pleading. Aggressively. “Can I come on in, my sweet baby? Can I move on in? Can I come on in, my sweet baby? Can I move on in?” I highly recommend revisiting this music video.

A Last Request (I Want Your Sex Pt. 3)

Yes! There was a Part 3! George is shooting his shot one last time. “My cards are on your table, my dreams are in your bed. If I was able, I’d be there instead.” He ends it with a last plea: “Sleep with me tonight.”

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