Phoenix Rise

Sunny Jain: “Heroes”

After thirteen years on the road at the front of his global dance group Red Baraat, percussionist-songwriter Sunny Jain was especially affected by the constrictions of COVID. But, ever the optimist, Jain began sifting through his rolodex and soon formed a half-hundred intercontinental collective willing to help out in the writing and recording process of a new project.

Well, today, after countless hours of remote collaboration, Sunny Jain released the aptly titled¬†Phoenix Rise LP, re-assembling the infectious energy of Red Baraat with the idiosyncrasies of his newfound team players, complete with music videos and even a 22-recipe vegan cookbook. Sunny Jain and company glisten throughout the album, effortlessly blending genres like jazz and hip-hop underneath striking vocal performances, as heard on one of Phoenix Rise‘s lead singles¬†“Heroes”!