Attention and Performance

What causes us to choke under pressure, especially when we’re playing a sport? Why is it that when we start paying close attention to how we’re performing a motor skill, like running or speaking, we tend to mess it up?

In this edition of Two Guys on Your HeadDr. Art Markaman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about the significance of the brain mechanisms that support fluid performance and why it’s important to not think too much about them.

V&B: Re-imagining Tradition

The Nutcracker ballerinas dancing at the Long Center wore new costumes on a whole new stage in 2013, and with this Views and Brews we talked about what it means to re-imagine tradition. KUT’s Rebecca McInroy, Designer Emily Cawood and Richard Fatheree of Ballet Austin, and Anthropologist Dr. Richard Flores. They explore the role tradition plays in shaping our identities and building community and what goes into revamping an iconic institution like the nutcracker ballet.