KUT Afternoon Newscast for May 23, 2024

Central Texas top stories for May 23, 2024. Children at Risk has found nearly 50 zip codes in the Austin area qualify as childcare subsidy deserts for low-income families. Travis County’s Medical Examiner’s report into the impacts of the opioid epidemic in Central Texas. FBI probe into Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Waymo being investigated by NHTSA. Gas prices are trending downward heading into memorial day weekend. Stormy weather helps drought conditions.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for January 30, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 30, 2024. Texas Supreme Court hears arguments on the latest lawsuit stemming from the 2021 blackout. The city of Austin is considering changing euthanasia rules for dangerous dogs. Austin State Hospital now has an estimated opening day. Researchers at the University of Texas announce opioid alternative breakthrough. A million more Texans now have health insurance through the affordable care act. Gas prices are on the rise.

KUT Morning Newscast for December 11, 2023

Central Texas top stories for December 11, 2023. Water restrictions over the summer did not lower water usage. Travis County contributed about $150 billion to the national GDP. Williamson County is training people to recognize opioid overdoses. The deadline to enroll in a healthcare plan that starts January 1st is this Friday. Kyle police on Grinch Watch.

What more electric vehicles mean for the Texas electric grid

Momentum is growing among Republicans to use the U.S. military to take on drug cartels in Mexico in the fight against fentanyl. How serious is such talk?

More ripple effects following a ruling by a federal judge in Amarillo that would effectively ban the abortion drug mifepristone.

The Dallas Federal Reserve finds young adults feel increasingly disconnected from work and school – but there may be more to the story.

And with more electric vehicles hitting the road in Texas, how will the need for pluggable power affect the state’s electric grid?

KUT Afternoon Newscast for September 29, 2022

Central Texas top stories for September 29, 2022. Power plant standards proposed. Texas Capitol grounds damaged. Drought conditions worsening. Reassessing opioids. AISD worker resolution.

Texas Standard: October 24, 2017

As Washington prepares to declare an opioid emergency, an Amarillo lawmaker is tapped to take on the issue for Texas. We’ll hear his plan on how to fix the crisis. Also, the recriminations between President Trump and gold star families, front and center in the news: but which is the sideshow? That controversy, or the actual events that led the the attack on American forces in Niger? We’ll explore. And Texans may love high school football, but most don’t remember where some of the best games were played, or who played them. The Thursday night lights finally gets some recognition, we’ll meet the man telling the story. And what we might learn this week about what happened in Dallas on that most fateful November day in ’63. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: June 28, 2017

Is it okay for Texas colleges and universities to use race as a factor in deciding who gets in and who doesn’t? We’ll explore a new legal challenge. Also, the opioid crisis is bigger than an addiction problem. In Houston, city officials warn of the arrival of an opioid variant so toxic, incidental contact could be lethal. We’ll have the latest. Plus Texas and other states offer incentives to boost the space business. Caliornia, meanwhile,is taking quite the reverse approach. We’ll hear what’s up. Those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard: