om la lună

om la lună: “Pescărușii zboară (Seagulls Fly)”

We rarely get to bask in the music of The Balkans, so there’s never a bad opportunity to toss the spotlight over to Romania. There’s a language barrier to the lyrics, no doubt, but the actual sounds are often familiar enough to make them plenty accessible to Westerners.

Case in point: om la lună, which translates to “man over the moon” in English. Over the past half decade this quartet’s proven themselves to be one of Bucharest’s best, thanks to their one-of-a-kind fusion of post-punk, indie rock, and synth pop. Still high off their live album Fazele Lunii from this past February, om la lună kept on the wing with the release of their latest single “Pescărușii zboară” last Friday.

With a title of “Seagulls Fly” for us English speakers, this tune and A Flock of Seagulls’ iconic ’80s style are absolutely birds of a feather. Everything about it, the driving drums, slick synth arpeggios, gargantuan guitar reverb, and impassioned vocals make for an exceptional driving playlist addition – whether you’re just headed to your local grocery store or trekking from the Danube Delta past the Carpathian Mountains.