Old Sea Brigade

Old Sea Brigade: “5AM Paradise”

A cursory glance at the name Old Sea Brigade may conjure images of surly seventeenth-century sailors, but it’s actually the solo indie-folk project of Nasvhille-via-Atlanta singer-guitarist Ben Cramer. Cramer dropped his eponymous debut Old Sea Brigade in 2016, which quickly accrued acclaim and earned Cramer touring spots alongside the likes of Julien Baker and Hiss Golden Messenger. Old Sea Brigade’s since released two full-lengths (most recently with last year’s Motivational Speaking) and had his songs featured in television soundtracks ranging from Grey’s Anatomy to Nashville. Today Old Sea Brigade announced his upcoming third LP, 5AM Paradise, due out October 28th. As you can guess from the title, this record is somewhat of a celebration of those early morning hours, but more so the maturity that surrounds them; Cramer, who recently entered his thirties, has reframed 5AM as the start of a productive day rather than a wrap on a raucous all-nighter. The ten tracks on 5AM Paradise feature some of Cramer’s closest collaborators, not to mention some of Nashville’s finest session players (including Willie Nelson bassist Eli Beaird, Hayes Carll guitarist Kris Donegan) and The Whigs’ drummer Julian Dorio. With synths reminiscent of Joy Division, effortlessly floating vocals, and one hell of a hook, the title track off 5AM Paradise may just become your new wake up alarm.