Night Drive

Night Drive: “Summerwaves (Winter Version)”

Even before the days of Vivaldi and Stravinsky, the seasons have settled into their own sets of characteristic sounds. And while Spring was the belle of the ball in the classical era, modern installments ranging like “Autumn Leaves” and War’s “Summer” have since helped to level the temporal playing field. Of course, with the help of the industry, Christmas music dominates corporate playlists and has become a staple of this “most wonderful time of the year”. And yet, for younger audiences, anthems like “Hot Girl Summer” and “Feels Like Summer” definitely show more staying power than Old Man Winter’s catalogue.

That about brings us to our June 2017 Artist of the Month Night Drive, the Central Texas synth-pop trio who stole our hearts once again with their August EP Position II. You see, a few months back, Night Drive teased out Position II with a sleek electronic original that managed to cool us down in what would become a historic heatwave. However, since the crew is so keen on opening up their stuff to re-interpretations (including a remix from multi-platinum selling producer Gigamesh), Night Drive themselves swapped in some snow tires on that single for an end-of-year re-tinker.

Succinctly labeled “Summerwaves (Winter Version)”, this edition enjoys a calmer sense of wanderlust thanks to spacious piano, piano (soft) drum programming, and horizon-spying synth arpeggios that make for a perfect piece of reflection and meditation that may just inspire a resolution or two.

Night Drive: “Summerwaves”

Although Houston and Dallas are indisputably the hubs of such, car cruising culture is alive and thriving all over the Lone Star State. And while swangin’ looks best before dusk, these triple digit temps tormenting Texas have been making it tough to tempt daylight, even with top down. And especially if you’re less about “Tops Drop” and “Diamonds & Wood” and more into the Miami Vice or Kung Fury soundtracks…this is where the prospect of a good ol’ Night Drive shines. Back when we named Night Drive as our May 2017 Artist of the Month, we knew right away that these Austinite-Houstonians’ retro-bred blend of post-punk and synth-pop wasn’t just moonlighting for a sole getaway score. No, by the time their eponymous LP hit our airwaves, the pair had already spent the past half decade shaping their sound and shifting up their skills from Night Drive’s 2013 debut EP Position I. Now that 2017’s Night Drive marks an approximate midpoint between Position I and the present…there were only so many lanes for Night Drive to explore next. With the addition of a third member, Night Drive drops their sequentially titled sophomore EP Position II this Fall. Produced by Rick Rubin protege Phillip Broussard, these six new songs step away from Night Drive’s remix routines and instead embrace a less-formulaic middle ground between their strongest sounds. Position II drops August 4th ahead of a release show the following evening at The Parish with openers Haunt Me and Holy Wire and the record’s lead single just cut the engine on this stagnant Texas heatwave. Alongside its VHS-on-LSD music video, the record’s lead single “Summerwaves” veers past the saturated vaporwave aesthetic in favor of something timeless and authentic. Like if Joy Division hopped across the pond with a mouthful of MDMA, rented a Testarossa, and started plowing past rows of palm trees, “Summerwaves” is an ideal track both for piston-pushing under the sweltering sun and gentle swerving under the stars.

This Song: Night Drive

Night Drive’s self titled debut album is full of  dark yet catchy sci-fi inspired synth pop. Listen as Brandon Duhon and Rodney Connell, the creative duo behind the band, explore how Abba’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and Radiohead’s Kid A led them to this sound.

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