New York

All About Beef

Confucius and Fresh discuss why people love rap beefs so much. Then they break down what factors might play into artists not living up to the hype surrounding them.

You’ll learn Hip-Hop Facts about Mystikal’s history with No Limit, Scarface’s early days as a DJ,  how Lil Wayne was inspired by Jay-Z, who Quincy Jones originally wanted to pitch “She’s Out of My Life” to,  and more!

Fresh states the Unpopular Opinion that New York will never regain its dominance over hip-hop.

Confucius talks about Boris Johnson’s resignation, Brittney Griner’s imprisonment in Russia, Glo rilla getting signed to CMG by  Yo Gotti, the mass shooting in Highland Park on July 4th and more during Confucius Reads the News.


Texas Standard: October 8, 2020

At least you could hear the candidates actually speak, but in a nation so politically polarized, did anything said in the vice presidential debate have the potential to affect the outcome? Also, the governor set to reopen more of Texas as COVID-19 cases stabilize. And one of the largest stock exchanges in the world moving from the Big Apple to the Big D? To be fair it’s only part of NASDAQ in talks with Texas, but it could be part of a seismic shift in high finance. Those stories and so much more on todays Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: June 4, 2018

After sexual abuse and other scandals, the agency that oversees juvenile justice in Texas puts out a plan for a major overhaul. But will it be enough? We’ll have details. Also, the highest court in in the state takes a step that effectively forces Texas to reveal something it doesn’t want to: the name of the company that supplies its execution drug. Why the fight, and why isn’t the court buying Texas’s explanation for keeping silent? And after pushback from physicians, the state’s largest health insurer says it will now delay plans to second guess emergency room visits. Plus after countless failed attempts to deal with feral hogs, yet another plan, inspired by bacon. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

A Tribute to Shirley Chisholm (Ep. 51, 2015)

IBA presents a tribute to the late Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm, former congresswoman from New York’s 12th congressional district and the first African-American woman elected to Congress.