Natalie Price

Natalie Price: “Done” (feat. Stephanie Lambring)

With the constant allure of streaming numbers, pop music trends, and viral opportunities clouding contemporary release strategies, the loudest, most heavily-promoted voices are often the most inauthentic as well. Not so for Fort Worth-born, Austin-based singer-songwriter Natalie Price, whose unabashed passion for captive melodies and confessional lyrics only grew throughout a taciturn religious upbringing, where songwriting was deemed blasphemous and remained verboten throughout a formative age. But by fostering that once-forbidden fruit, Natalie’s instilled a method of making music strictly for her own sense of solace and self-expression rather than as an expense for digital metrics and fleeting engagement.

I mean, the moment we finished Price’s 2019 EP Through the Fog, we instantly recognized Natalie’s knack for staying frank in a way that thrills and chills, basically embellishment-free. Down to how she describes her style as “Ameri-kinda” (as opposed to tossing her idiosyncratic sound straight into the overarching Americana armoire that suits so many), Natalie Price is real as hell, plain and simple. So it’s fitting that her upcoming debut full-length is an eponymously-titled one, whose new tunes have attracted an upper echelon of ATX collaborators like David Ramirez, Lang Freeman, and Jaimee Harris alongside Nashville notables like Mary Bragg and Stephanie Lambring.

At the conclusion of June, ahead of Natalie Price‘s arrival on September 29th, Lambring and Price twinned up for an attestable alt-rock aura on the album opener and lead single, “Done”. So before catching her 7:30PM this Saturday at Calmen Thread, hear Price recoup the opportunity cost of pursuing music professionally in four minutes flat. Because after absorbing this harmony-heavy, distortion-dabbling, love-tampered earworm, you might just wonder what’s been “Done” to you too.

Natalie Price: “Butterfly”

At the top ofLove Austin Music Month we re-introduced you toAustin Music Foundation’s Artist Development Program and their new compilation ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Person. ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Person features a dozen original songs from six Austin artists, including indie-pop/Americana-folk aficionado Natalie Price. This guitarist, vocalist, and kalimba-enthusiast began to seriously forge her songwriting path with 2019’s Through the Fog and has clearly matured even more in the short time since then. That sense of progressive metamorphosis is hopefully a longstanding trend for the burgeoning singer and her blossoming career, so enjoy some new Natalie Price at no cost (while you still can) with “Butterfly”!

Natalie Price: “Tell Me”

Austin Music Foundation’s Artist Development Program has just entered their fifth year and in honor of Love Austin Music Month they’re releasing their third record, ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Person – recorded at The Bubble and produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith and Einar Pedersen. The album officially drops mid-January and the vinyl edition is out this Summer, but we’ll be featuring the compilation in full over the next few weeks, starting today with Natalie Price. Raised in a pious, almost-anti-music Dallas household, this self-taught singer-songwriter’s done a pretty bang up job of fulfilling her indie-folk-Americana dreams, having released her debut EP Through The Fog in 2019. Price’s bare arrangements of kalimba and vocals have always made for a gorgeous blend, but for her two tracks on ATX Gen Next, she’s got a full band to pack an even bigger punch, as heard on “Tell Me”!