Nané: “Always On My Mind” (Live in Studio 1A)

As with any active artistic community, the Austin music scene has suffered its share of too-soon tragedies. And the passing of Daniel Sahad – the flamboyant frontman of Austin sextet Nané who left us in April ’22 – still feels especially fresh in our memory.

Thankfully Daniel’s legacy still lives on through his music, Nané’s remaining members, and the pair of recorded performances Nané gifted KUTX (as our January 2021 Artist of the Month who finally slid into Studio 1A later that December) that have since become treasured mementos and unbiased testaments to Sahad’s dearly missed talent. But also, this weekend marks the anniversary of April 7th as Nané Day, which was officially decreed by the city mere weeks before Daniel’s death.

So come help celebrate Sahad’s life on Nané Day 8:30PM this Sunday at Empire Garage featuring Nané with Quentin Arispe guesting on lead vocals, plus opener Jefferson Clay for a tribute concert and closing ceremony whose proceeds benefit the SIMS Foundation. If you can only attend in spirit, at least revisit the video of Nané’s December ’21 Studio 1A session below. Because the whole set captures Sahad’s nimble charisma, immense kindness, and tip-top vocal execution, particularly on the band’s biggest hit “Always On My Mind” – which, down to its title, beautifully embodies the enduring imprint of Daniel on his former bandmates and anyone else who ever felt his touch.

Nané: “Buona Sera”

Anyone who’s ever had an in-depth discussion about performing and recording the music of others knows that covers can be a contentious conversation – especially when the new version is “too close” to the original. And although it’s hardly a rule of thumb, it seems like the older the originals or less-expected the genre swaps, the bigger the kudos from fellow creatives. Our January 2021 Artist of the Month Nané‘s had a knack for those hard left turns within their own songs, so it’s not a huge shock to hear that same innovation in a cover. This six-piece (who goes on national tour Tuesday after next) perused through legendary crooner Louis Prima’s catalogue and masterfully reimagined of his most iconic tracks”Buona Sera”, peppering in some infectious indie flakes that beg for seconds.

Nané: “Seventeen”

You may recall Nané from when we named them our Artist of the Month this January, or from their debut single “Always On My Mind”, which dropped late last year but quickly earned a rotation spot on our airwaves. The Austin group’s just hit their half-decade mark, and has markedly stepped up their groove-based rock-R&B style in the process.

Hear for yourself by catching these My KUTX veterans 8PM this Saturday at Scoot Inn or by rocking out to their latest single (and outlandish music video) in your own comfortable space. Whatever the case may be, the visual spectacle and driving arrangement of “Seventeen” make it a track you won’t soon forget.

Nané: “Ladybird” (KUTX Social Distancing Pop-Up)

If you’ve kept up with us in the past month then you’re no stranger to the name Nané. Initially designed as a duo on the UT Campus back in 2016, the group’s since evolved into a quintet, whose R&B-soul-soaked indie rock has earned them the spot as our January 2021 Artist of the Month.

Nané recently released their eponymous debut full-length, thereby starting off 2021 on an extremely positive note. The band seems like they’re just now hitting their stride, be it in-studio or out and about (safely), making it the perfect time in their career to record a Social Distancing Pop-Up video with us. Add this exclusive version of “Ladybird” to your library and enjoy Nané performing as a trio in the song’s visual counterpart on, filmed at The Goose on Lime Creek in Leander!