My Favorite Holiday

Patricia Vonne: “Cumbia Navidad”

Like it or not, Christmastime is officially upon us. And with no apologies to the Scrooges, Song of the Day‘s final week of 2021 is dedicated strictly to the seasonal stuff. First up is Austin’s Patricia Vonne, an actress who’s not only had a fruitful relationship with Robert Rodriguez, but is also an award-winning filmmaker, animator, and singer.

Patricia Vonne recently released her LP My Favorite Holiday, featuring ten original tunes and one cover, all recorded with an impressive cast of collaborators and produced by fellow Austinite Rick Del Castillo. It’s a genuinely enthusiastic take on what’s historically been a polarizing genre, and Vonne’s vocal fervor is infectious throughout, especially on the Latin-leaning, Spanish-language “Cumbia Navidad”!