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Texas Standard: July 10, 2020

As COVID-19 hospitalization rates hit new levels, an alarming trend spotted in Texas’ largest city: a rising number of at home deaths. We’ll have more on the new report from ProPublica and NBC news on at home deaths and Dr.Fred Campbell of UT Health San Antonio is back to take up more lister questions on the Coronavirus. And he was, for years, typecast as inmate number one. Now he’s embraced by kids and critics alike as a bonafide star. A new documentary on the rise of Danny Trejo. Our conversation with the actor, the week in Texas politics and more today on the Texas Standard:

Keep on Pushing

This week on The Breaks  Confucius and Fresh:

    • discuss how different the American public’s reaction to the murder of George Floyd feels compared to previous protest movements, and share their hope that this will lead to sustained long term public pressure to tackle systemic racism in America.
    • discuss Lil’ Wayne’s comments on George Floyd’s murder and explain why they often don’t want to hear their favorite artists opinions on current events.
    • explore what the recent closings of the music venues Scratchouse, Barracuda and Plush mean for the Austin Music Scene.
    • In his Unpopular Opinion  Fresh puts forth the idea that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.
    • In his Confucius Says segment, Confucius explains what people mean when they say “Defund the Police.”

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