S.L. Houser: “Mirror”

For three quarters of a decade Sara Houser’s been at the front and center of Austin indie pop quartet Löwin and has laid down session vocals and piano for fellow KUTX favorites like Walker Lukens, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Otis Wilkins, Spoon, and A Giant Dog. But despite her prominent role in Löwin and impressive catalogue of contributions, nothing has fully sated the appetite for a songwriter of Houser’s caliber…until now.

Refreshed by a pandemic-long break and revisiting the same joyous spark that her craft invited during adolescence, Sara’s re-emerged under the moniker S.L. Houser. The new solo project finds Houser truly writing for herself for the first time in years, and considering her matured prowess at this point, we can’t help but feel excited for this new chapter. Said chapter kicks off today with S.L. Houser’s debut single, “Mirror”, reflecting lo-fi alt-rock tones of the ’80s and ’90s to champion the power of women in the musical realm.