Texas Standard: August 20, 2020

A very different political convention for an unprecedented time in the US. But has this weeks big political event moved the needle in the Lone Star State?
As the democratic national convention moves into its final night, a look at the role of Texas. Or the relative lack thereof, and whether the event could change the calculus in November.
Remembering Ann Richards big convention moment and the significance of how she said what she did.
Also, an epic battle in the online gaming world that’s more than a game.

Texas Standard: October 13, 2015

The spike in campus shootings nationwide? Three shootings in a week at one Texas University alone. Lady bird had her wildflowers, another former first lady from Texas hopes to improve the Texas landscape- Laura Bush tells us about her plan. Also play a computer game, win a college scholarship- Could it be that Minecraft’s not such a waste of time after all? We’ll explore. Also, a shadowy company in stealth mode. Why’s a former Texas governor trying to set up meetings for ’em with state officials? Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard: