Midlake: “Bethel Woods” (Studio 1A Version)

COVID-19’s still constricting the ways we can safely connect, so you as can imagine, our beloved Studio 1A’s been pretty quiet as of recent. That said, before Omicron took over, we managed to nab a couple standout acts late last year, perhaps most notably Denton six-piece Midlake.

These prog-folk rockers got their start all the way back in 1999 as “The Cornbread All-Stars”, leaning into their experience as jazz students at UNT before migrating to a more classic rock sound. Midlake made a big splash in 2010 with their third full-length The Courage Of Others and kept their creative waters bubbling with the indie-psychedelia of 2013’s Antiphon before shifting their focus to the supergroup BNQT.

Now, two decades since their humble beginnings, Midlake is flowing towards the release of their fifth album For the Sake of Bethel Woods, produced by Grammy Winner John Congleton. For the Sake of Bethel Woods comes out March 18th, right around the same time Midlake embarks on an international tour that extends through late May. We were treated to an early listen of the new stuff when Midlake stopped by Studio 1A late last October. And now you too can enjoy both the three-song video set and a one-off for Bethel Woods‘ title track.