Michael Stipe

This Song: Eric Earley & Brian Koch of Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Early (pictured holding the chicken) was raised in a small, Oregon community watching no MTV and learning to play and listen to music from his father.  His musical trajectory was permanently altered by R.E.M. and their breakout album “Out Of Time.” In this episode he tell Elizabeth about how Michael Stipe’s poetic lyrical approach spoke to his own circumstances and inspired his craft.  Then bandmate/drummer/actor Brian Koch (pictured holding the dog) tells a tale of his family who did very little to encourage his music and how he was inspired by hidden radios, friends with guitars and a young singer-songwriter with whom he now shares a stage.  It’s the most direct line of influence and inspiration of any This Song yet.

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Texas Standard: September 10, 2015

Among evangelical voters have events in the past two or three days rekindled faith in the GOP and its prospects for 2016? Michael Stipe of REM is upset- he says his music has no place at a Trump campaign rally. But is that part of the political calculation? Texas teenager who may have found a $20 fix for developing nations struggling with dirty water. Something in the air over Houston…and the effort to determine how big a concern it should be. Plus apple’s latest- are you buying it? That and much more on todays Texas Standard: