Texas Standard: September 28, 2021

People of color accounted for 95% of Texas population boom in the last decade. What does this mean for political maps? Abby Livingston of the Texas Tribune helps us read between the boundary lines. Also hurricane season doesn’t end til November 30th, but is it already over for Texas? A team of Texas meteorologists with a bold prediction. And trouble for Houston’s former top cop Miami chief Art Acevedo…we’ll hear why. And the passing of a transformative force in higher education, remembering UTEP’s Diana Natalicio. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Venezonix: “Aguacero”

Though he moved to Miami at age nineteen, percussionist-producer Andrés Ponce has kept his Venezuelan roots close to heart over the past two decades. Ponce’s primary output has been with bilingual psych-soul duo Elastic Bond since 2006 , but just within the past couple years Ponce’s synthesized his love of crate-digging, drumming, and electronic production through his solo project Venezonix.

Today, nearly a full two years after his first single premiered, Venezonix shared his debut EP, La Que Es, seven sultry tracks whose audacious rhythms and daring production almost mask how soothing the whole record is on the whole. So whenever you’re ready to check out for the weekend, self-administer an Afro-Venezuelan chill pill with “Aguacero”.

Texas Standard: September 11, 2015

During the cold war many Cubans fled to Miami. Now that there’s a thaw…why are Cubans flocking to Texas…and why so many? Also- Boca Chica we have a problem—Residents of a tiny gulf coast village now wish wish that Space X would take off…we’ll hear why. And Attention shoppers, Texas A&M thinks its developed a better tater- we’ll hear about the Reveille Russet. Also the rise of adult coloring books, make that -coloring books for grown-ups…Plus the week in Texas politics, and much more.