Mexico music

Pahua: “Mujer del Desierto”

For the first phase of her career, Paulina Sotomayor was strictly known as the namesake frontwoman of her family band Sotomayor, but in just a couple years she’s expanded far beyond and proven herself as an incredibly-driven creative. Nowadays she spends a good amount of time behind the turntables as a DJ and hosts an online radio program, but mainly steers her solo songwriting project Pahua. With Pahua, Sotomayor explores a vast landscape of sounds, ranging from Latin rhythms, lo-fi instrumental, downtempo, electronic, and more. Lyrically Pahua’s become renowned for touching on topics like femininity, nature, empowerment, and self-love, especially on her 2021 EP, Ofrenda. Because of that, Pahua’s a prime candidate to deep dive on International Women’s Day, and she’s just offered us a new jumping-off point with a bass-heavy, reverb-soaked, jazz-chord-lovin’ single that just dropped last Friday, “Mujer del Desierto”!